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Virtual reality system to educate your voice like the professionals. How to find your authentic voice with PROPER exercises.

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Are singing lessons worth it?
Singing lessons and vocal training are the most essential part of any singer using their voice.

Can Singing lessons improve your voice?
When applied correctly, singing lessons will definitely improve your voice and health.

Can singing lessons help bad singers become better?
A bad singer is just an untrained singer. Through consistency in training, anyone can teach their voice, body, and mind how to use the instrument to create the ease of breath and resonate in pitch.

Can singing be learned at any age?
Yes! Singing and training can be implemented from childhood to adulthood. The earlier you begin to train, the better chance of preventing injury occurs.

Can singing every day improve your voice?
Singing with proper technique can definitely improve your voice. If you don’t have the right technique, it could have damaging results.

Ron Anderson instructs one of his students on how the power of vowel placement is everything for a song. Once you have mastered the conditioning vocal exercises (first goal for your body to be in the good placement of sound) need to be complemented by vowel modification with the application of all motions during the song (second goal) to have freedom in your voice. The song is by Michael Buble (Home)

Start learning how to sing today from the best in the business.

Once you practice the exercises well and condition your body to have the muscular strength surrounding your voice box so that you will be able to apply these concepts into the song actual performance. It’s essential to understand vowel modification so that you can intuitively find the best placement within your body to gain in control, power, and stamina.

His career began over 50 years ago as an opera singing. Ron was a baritone, but soon transitioning to be a demanding tenor role, and then he performed in some of the most renowned opera houses across Europe and North America. Ron initially studied under the finest voice teachers in the world, including Dr. Fritz Zweig, Raimund Herincx and Benvenutto Finelli (Freddy mercury).

including:Alicia Keys vocal coach, Brandon Boyd vocal coach(Incubus), Axl Rose vocal coach(Guns n’ Roses), Pink vocal coach, Janet Jackson vocal coach, Michael Bolton, Mary J. Blige, Richie Sambora, Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro), Paula Abdul, Nelly Furtado, Neil Diamond, Tom Cruise (Rock of Ages), Brett Michaels, Kelly Clarkson, Bjork, Adam Levine (Maroon 5),Hanson, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, SIA, Britney Spears and the list goes on…

Today, Ron is recognized as the premier “go-to” professional for the music industry. When a vocalist needs help to develop or regain their full voice potential, Ron is usually the one who’s called.

If you’re looking for vocal technique coaching to increase your range, avoid vocal cord damage, and simply brush up on exercises, Ron is here to help. An industry expert, Ron offers private lessons, on-call tour coaching, and full studio production.

Ron has become the “go to guy” voice teacher for multi-platinum recording artists, every major record label in the world,

Unlock your singing potential – Anytime and anywhere.

Using the methodologies of renowned vocal coach Ron Anderson, Voixtek™ trains your VOICE, BODY, and MIND to sing in an experience unlike any other.

the first person that world-renowned doctors “go-to” when referring patients that have developed vocal cord nodules and hope to avoid surgery. Ron can help you become a better singer.

Voixtek™ was created as a solution to many vocal problems. Available in both VR and web apps, our training system is a cost-effective and interactive replacement for singing coaches for professional and aspiring singers. Instead of losing precious time commuting or booking lessons, Voixtek adapts to your schedule by offering training whenever you want.

Our program is an experience for your whole body. With note-by-note and body-positioning exercises, Voixtek trains your brain and body to train the voice in a safe and sustainable way. When you train in Voixtek, you reach a meditative state where all focus is on you and your craft.

Whether you’re the next star or simply looking for a creative outlet, Voixtek will transform your voice.

Made for your voice

3 thoughts on “How to sing like Michael Buble vowel modification – Voice training Ron Anderson (Voixtek VR apps )”

  1. I think the lyric is “each one a line or two, ‘I’m fine baby, how are you?'”
    Awesome lesson! I’m also a devil for letting vowels sink too low, looking for more brightness! Thanks for sharing, lovely voice dude!

    1. You are totally correct, the humble mistake was during the tenure of the lesson, but I am sure the application of the sound stays clear. Thank you for your comment!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...