How To Sing Like Matt Bellamy – Muse –

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin coaches how to sing like Matt Bellamy – Muse
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45 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Matt Bellamy – Muse –”

  1. Many singers use falsetto but i only enjoy Matt’s one..don’t know why but
    for example Thom’s falsetto is like so dirty and not so high and long

  2. Great job!!! Thank you for focusing on such an incredible and original
    vocal personality of our time. i’d love to see your take on Maynard James

  3. I play piano/keyboards/ keytar and I write my own songs. Not to brag but
    they’re not bad, lots of people like them and my English teacher helped me
    out with poetry. Now only downfall… I can’t actually sing. Is singing
    something you are born with? it’s kinda sad because I will write my songs
    while someone else sings them. Advice please. (Btw, Matt Bellamy is my
    idol, you did justice)

  4. This is maybe a good cover, but it does not really sounds like Bellamy’s
    voice, that’s “shocking” on Uprising, but I really lke that version :)

  5. I have to say i was like pshhh no one can sing like Matt Bellamy, but this
    dude killed it. Matt has a very unique voice in my opinion and no one can
    ever fully dublicate him so its extremely difficult but this is pretty

  6. Maria Ayanyan/Muse Fan

    Remember, nobody can sing like Matt. He is one of the most talented people
    I’ve ever known. I was sure, that if you want be professional in something,
    you must do only it, practice all the time. But when I look at Matt I think
    he’s not from our world… I get crazy while listening to his amazing
    voice, to his falsetto … At the same time he is a great guitarist and
    also professionally plays the piano. And the lyrics of his songs… They
    are one of the most wonderful things in the world… I used not to like
    rock music but now I can’t live without Muse. They will forever go to

  7. Why are so many people here hating, Matt Bellamy is a great singer but if
    you listen to some of his earlier work (Plug in Baby demo) his voice is
    very unrefined and it just goes to show that anyone can achieve a good
    singing voice with adequate training, it also takes a lot of motivation,
    determination and passion. This is the first video i’ve seen of this guy
    and anyone denying that he does a very good representation of Matt
    Bellamy’s singing style is just being ridiculous and bitter.

  8. .Pretty Boy. (Tiny Child)

    This is amazing-
    I was just joking around because i love Matt’s voice and for being a girl
    that sings alto in a choir, I can probably never achieve this but this just
    awed me

  9. Interesting how similar the vocalization is to Bellamy, but still singing
    the American phoneme: Bellamy, like all English and Australian speakers,
    sings ‘resume’ as ‘rezyoom’; North Americans, like Mr. Tamplin here, sing

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