How To Sing Like Kurt Cobain – Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana –

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing Like Kurt Cobain – Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana.
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44 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Kurt Cobain – Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana –”

  1. Video was powerful, how long could you keep this up and why aren’t you
    strained? I did a puddle of Mudd cover this weekend and almost blew my
    voice out for the rest of the jam session. Ken, Great video!

  2. I always wonder if I have a good voice I’ve based it off opera particularly
    the national anthem I hear from jim cornealson. Who does the Blackhawks
    anthem but I have nowhere to practice without being humiliated by family
    lol :P

  3. I rarely leave a comment on Youtube videos,But you seem like a genuine,
    awesome vocal coach, so props off to you Ken!My go-to at Karaoke is
    Lithium, but I always wanted to do a decent job with Smells, and have
    singularly failed, so looked up if any tips are available. And yea,
    apparently the only thing out there is this one so far.Oh man, but “with
    the lights out” part is So Hard. It’s high notes, but not regular high high
    notes, but earthy raspy scratching high notes. Whoo, maybe I’ll give it up
    or maybe I’ll keep trying, we’ll see.

  4. I’m not saying that I want a different voice, but honestly this video
    helped me to find my own. I’ve always loved music, I’m in high school and
    I’m always getting in trouble for listening to music because music is the
    greatest part of the world. I’ve never been able to find my voice but this
    and your rasping voice video has helped me. I’ve always hated my singing
    voice for not being able to sing well. But you have even made me impress
    myself. Thanks Ken!

  5. Kurt had issues, as witnessed by his end. Trying to teach his style is
    really ridiculous, because he sang from his experience. I would not want to
    imitate something that brought me to such an end. There was no method to
    his madness. A mentally disturbed man that ended an otherwise talented
    life. He is not someone that should be idolized.

  6. may be many people here doesn’t understand the purpose of this video…. it
    is to show how ” ken tamplin” can technically imitate the singer . that’s
    all.. am i wrong??

  7. Honestly, I love the video and I love your voice the thing that bugs me
    is…. why do people want to try to sound like Kurt? Sing it the way you do
    best..Not everybody has that raspy kinda scream to them anyway.
    But anyways. Liked.

  8. Ezekiel Barton

    Little tip, don’t try to be so clear with you’re words Kurt did the song
    with kinda slurring his words and that could add some more realism to it

  9. no offience but you sound nothing like Kurt Cobain, nor does anyone else.
    thats why there are no cover bands that are good, because it was all him.
    all his voice….no one sounds like him …you sound good though….just no
    one close to his vioice

  10. hey, you probably don’t have any tips but I’m a girl and have a naturally
    high voice so I’m finding it hard to hit the low notes. Are there any tips
    on how to sing punk rock for my natural vocals and train my voice to be

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