How to Sing Like Jungkook of BTS // Vocal Coach Reaction to Kookie’s Acapella Vocals // KPOP Lesson

Want to learn how to sing like Jungkook of BTS? Air. Lots and lots of air! If you’re interested in voice lessons, check out my website!

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16 thoughts on “How to Sing Like Jungkook of BTS // Vocal Coach Reaction to Kookie’s Acapella Vocals // KPOP Lesson”

  1. Sofia Afrathianaki

    Honestly I wish I could sing.. My voice is very high pitched and sounds annoying..Yet I’m not good with getting those high notes😂So confusing..I would love to take lessons with you but I’m way too shy.. (It would be interesting to analyse Jimin’s and V’s voices)

  2. Please do both Jimin and V!! (Edit: I know you said rap voices too, and I think that would be really cool to look into Suga’s rap voices, because he does some pretty cool voices (and some evil laughs XD) in some of his songs that sound really different from his normal voice. I like when he brings out his Daegu satoori (accent) as well!)

  3. Im curious if your opinion on taehyungs voice. Recently bts have moved away from using his very low range (growling, even) in their studio recordings, but taehyung sometimes sings with it while live. I know absolutely nothing about vocals, but during songs such as boy in luv for example, i knew a lot of people who were very worried that having tae constantly use such a low and gravelly tone could hurt his vocals. I was wondering what you thought about it, or if musicians utilise that low tone in a safe way and it just SOUNDS like it would hurt? Of course none of use would know for sure because we’re not him or his vocal trainers, but to hear the opinion of someone who actually knows what theyre talking about would be interesting. His solo Stigma is obviously in his comfort zone vocally, and even then he reaches high highs and low lows. Of course, only if youre interested of course. Thank you for these video’s they’re suuuper interesting to watch! It just lets people have a deeper appreciation for jungkooks vocals ~~

  4. Hi, I just want to add for people wanting to learn how to sing. Breathiness is only damaging in pitches usually higher than E4 if done in chest voice (for males & a little higher for females). Think chest as in a John Legend/Hwanhee/Tom Jones/Frank Sinatra/Adele announcer voice kinda sound. If you happen to hear some breathiness in your favorite artists who are past that range area (E4 for males) then it’s most likely head voice or falsetto singing…

    If you want your head voice to match the chest voice, hum on an N sound and open your mouth to any vowel. For example: N-ee N-oo. Like how kwill/park hyo shin sing… N sound should make the head voice pierce more and amplify the sound without force. It’s very light but without much effort… You may even be fooled what it is if you can’t do it. Trust me, it’s pretty easy.

    I’ve been trying to imitate kballad/kpop singers since 2013 like Kim Bum Soo, PHS, CHEN from EXO, some girl singers like Hyorin, Lyn, Lena Park and this is what lead me to what I wrote here– singing like them made me approach singing in a different way than say the typical american pop style. Sam Smith (not american I think?) Would be the closest to the korean ballad/kpop singing technique… Though there are many exceptions to this!

    First you want to find head voice. So how do you do that? You do lip bubbles/lip trill exercises… You could even do tongue trills. This will automatically transition you into head voice at the top if you maintain the airflow without forcing your voice and straining. There are many videos on this but the trick is to maintain the speed of the bubbles all the way through every pitch.

    You may be confused about which is head voice and which is falsetto. To me, falsetto is airy version of head voice without any vibrations. Head voice feels like theres vibrations if you touch your head and maybe a bit of vibrations are in your chest if you touch it.

    To match the regular voice to the head voice/falsettto just hum an “N” sound in both (chest and head) very softly and not too loud. You can also transition to the head voice sound with consonants or the H sound. Like Ha ha ha ha.

    While doing the N sound lightly (hold it out until you hear it get louder randomly– your teeth, hard palate and some boney area behind your nose will vibrate!!) in head voice (probably around D4/E4 for men and maybe around G4/A4 for women?). Open your mouth to any vowel like Ee or OO from that N position. So it’ll be like: NNNNNNNNNN–> ee, NNNNNNNNN -> oo.

    You may notice you sound like an owl a bit or super mario at first but the more you feel vibration in the teeth/hard palate area, the stronger the sound gets! So you want to adjust all your vowels from this N position (where it vibrates with all vowels).

    The sensation for singing this softly is like having a small hole in a balloon leaking air slowly. Very low effort. No yelling or pushing.

    It is dangerous to add air to chest voice if you have a really twangy strong voice like those guys on tv who sell you products past around E4-G4. If you know complete vocal technique, Air damaging in Chest voice would mean adding airiness to your overdrive/edge/curbing vowels at higher pitches causing uncontrolled constriction. Most of us don’t need to worry about this. If we’re smart, we hear a breathy sound and immediately say that’s falsetto. Haha.

  5. Yesss thank you. For me Jungkook is the easiest to “imitate” but it’s so nice to learn more!💕 Always looking forward to your videos, I actually found you just a couple of days ago but you are already probably my fav YouTuber!

  6. Heartbeatzofficial

    Bts definitely takes breathiness to a whole new level. It’s songs like Awake where Jin literally whispers the first part of a phrase. Honestly it tends to make me slightly uncomfortable because it almost sounds like he has a cold and is really close to me but I don’t want to get sick 😂 But that’s just personal preference.

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