How to Sing Like Jonny Craig “Straining” Part 1 Confidence & Beginner Tips

Part 2 IS FINALLY UP!!!! :

This Video is aimed at any vocalists, (ESPECIALLY those with little experience!) who need a little push!! I’m only here to help, feel free to swing by and subscribe. I’ll see if I can help you at all!

*UPDATE* This is my first Video with 1k views 🙂 That’s pretty cool! Thanks everybody who is showing me support and keeping this alive. If it hits 5k and has some pretty avid replies, I will gladly make a Q&A Video for ANY questions YOU might have! So if you can and would like to, share this, OR ANY of the videos on my channel please 🙂 I reply to everything. Thanks again!! 🙂

Well I tried to fit it all in the title but just listen carefully to what I say. It’s not just advice on this technique, but singing (among many things) in general. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! If you guys have a lot of questions, I will do additional videos to try and help as much as I can. I’ll do some Q&A Videos. It’s certainly not an easy technique, do your best 🙂 Thank you for watching!

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41 thoughts on “How to Sing Like Jonny Craig “Straining” Part 1 Confidence & Beginner Tips”

  1. i still think you could def make it in a post hardcore band though, doesn’t
    HAVE to be proper technique or sound like an angel…listen to A Day to
    Remember or the hold Human Abstract album nocturne, sounds alot like this

  2. Lovely. I never thought anyone could imitate Jonny Craig’s gorgeous voice,
    but yours is Ahh-mazing. Love it. Love you. Even your speaking voice is
    lulling, please keep on singing. c:

  3. Dude when you get to LA, let me know. My band needs a vocalist. We have
    songs done and recorded and just need a vocalist to finish them off. You’ll
    dig our stuff.

  4. Well bro. I’m not looking for anything serious with the music industry, but
    I’m always game for slapping down some guest vocals. I have a Blue Yeti
    that I can use here (depending on the quality you’re expecting, I”m no
    pro!) But I can always send some clean, Raw, Unedited MP3s your way 🙂
    Inbox me if you ever want to jam. That goes to everybody too so like up
    this comment!! I’ve also came a long way since this video 😛

  5. Okay man your really going to hurt yourself like that . The technique
    you’re looking for is called ” putting heat on your voice” you should
    always use your stomach or diaphragm when doing this because its added on
    to “belting” or projecting . The trick is to first learn to belt sing with
    your diaphragm then start adding just a touch of rasp in your chords to
    give it that sound you want. It takes time to figure out how much heat and
    how to control it before getting pitchy. I’m not hating I’m jus

  6. I do use my diaphragm buddy. This is a super old video and I didn’t know
    how to explain. If it didn’t have like 25k views I would have deleted a
    long time ago -____- hahaha

  7. Jonny Craiging i’m for it. do you think he is straining all the time. how
    could he bring his chest voice up that high. i think he my have a strong
    mix voice and you can belt in a mix voice. thoughts?

  8. Lol Such an old poopy video. For those of you actually looking for advice
    from this vid (and a reason to get away from the lackluster windows movie
    maker editing) then here you go:

    1. Practice. Obviously. It’s going to take a while so record yourself and
    IT’S OKAY to be critical but DO NOT LET IT BEAT YOU UP!!!! That’s one of my
    biggest mistakes. I’d probably be a much better vocalist if I didn’t
    constantly get frustrated with my lack of noticeable progress and quit.
    2. Avoid dairy and stay hydrated. Water is fine. As is tea with honey. For
    long sessions, room temperature water is actually the best. (This is
    factual information from my voice acting coaches. Same variables apply from
    doing a long read to doing a recording session.) You want consistency.
    3. Don’t be a pussy.
    4. You can actually try the laying on your back and singing thing… it’s
    fun to see how much that changes how you actually project your voice.

    That’s the best I can do right now! I wish I could edit this video but I
    CAN TOO! Thanks. :)

  9. I love to sing, but is very shy and hate too here replay my singen in
    singstar, back in time one of mine friends says that I was bad to singing.
    Now i only sing then i think nobody could here me or when im with my bedst
    friend. You are pretty good too sing. :D

  10. katey brunsdon

    Love this did a great job .i dont usually like other people
    trying to pull do jonny craig cuz no one compares ..but u pulled it
    off… do more jonny covers haha you are the one i enjoy
    listening to when you do his covers …his new band slaves are awesome
    ..keep up the awesomeness

  11. Austin Eberhart

    nah bro i do this around airports all the time.
    only one person has told me to stop and thats because they were performing

    the only thing you’d have to worry about is people laughing at you when you
    mess up because EVERYONE will hear it haha

  12. necromancer584

    so this is like a really good way to damage your vocal chords, i mean i see
    you’ve commented that you know this was wrong in the first place lol but…
    i’ve found that jonny sings in head voice, for one. so learn about the
    difference between falsetto and head voice, and jonny sings with upper
    larynx 95% of the time if not 100% of the time, so youtube search upper and
    lower larynx and learn how to differentiate and how to control your larynx
    (its not as hard as it sounds) when you don’t keep your larynx high while
    singing like jonny, you’ll tend to lose tone, and or your tone can become
    unfavorable and weird sounding, also singing in upper larynx will help your
    voice to stay more agile through his little runs and rifts he kicks out
    here and there. jonny also does his belting in his upper larynx, which he
    doesn’t put as much power into as he sounds like he does, belting in upper
    larynx creates a strained sound which will sound powerful and even growly
    (like jonny) without having to use an over abundance of effort.

  13. Imagine yourself as the character in the lyrics, and immerse yourself in the position of the character so that you can feel the emotions of the character and so that you can capture how the character would feel if he/she were to be singing the song.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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