How To Sing Like James Hetfield – Metallica – Enter Sandman – part 2 –

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing Like James Hetfield – Metallica – Enter Sandman – part 2.
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40 thoughts on “How To Sing Like James Hetfield – Metallica – Enter Sandman – part 2 –”

  1. i (as well as many other people) never figured out the marq torien
    phenomenon. is he a beast or just a tricky b….. thx in advance and keep
    up the good work.

  2. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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  3. i’d like to know how they get that hoarse tone, that tone adam gontier is
    really good at doing too..they does it live as well so it’s not a matter of
    how it’s recorded
    I don’t know anything about singing but your vocals doesn’t seem to have
    that hoarseness

  4. Bob Hohenberger

    This is an excellent example of how to safely sing with distortion and
    grit! How to sing like James Hetfield of Metallica, on Enter Sandman. Great
    lesson on how to sing this style without hurting your voice… Makes me
    want to go to to learn more about KTVA singing

  5. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Regarding My How To Sing Like… Series:

    People say “I want to sound like me and not anyone else.”
    And I say – Absolutely! No one should “clone” anyone.
    But we all have influences, and it is the sum of those influences, and how
    we “re-present” them with our own style that makes us great.

    Learning a difficult cover song where the bar is set high, is an excellent
    grading scale to see how well our technique is working.
    This is also true for learning different styles as this increases our
    vocabulary for diverse singing and helps us find our own unique voice.

    In my “How To Sing Like” videos, I still sound like Ken Tamplin, but seek
    to show you how to sing in their “style” safely.

    Check Out One Of My Original Songs Featuring Some Of My Singing Influences
    (singing both soft and heavy) Here: How To Sing Like David Coverdale –
    Glenn Hughes – Lou Gramm – Paul Rodgers

    When Choosing A Vocal Coach Or Singing Program, Make Sure The Coach Can
    Prove Their Technique With Their Own Voice & Their Students Voices Whether
    It’s Cover Songs Or Originals.

    The Proof Is In The Singing.

  6. Alejandro Amorin

    My man, amazing voice. Hope someday I can sing 10% like that. Im guitarist
    who hates his voice… need to take some of your advices. Cheers man!

  7. WoW man! just WoW! u NaiLed that mother f***er! its 1 of the toughest songs
    in the world in my opinion and you nailed that mf… i’m not sure hetfield
    himself can hit those notes like you do, even though he is a great singer,
    but if you would front metallica i’m SuRe there would b more than just OnE
    cooL Live version of this song like there is now (and even that is with
    lots of vocal help from jason newsted…) yoU dEfiNitely RoCk!!!

  8. Man I just found your channel and from what it looks like you are really
    Legit. I know I might get lots of hate here in the comments but could you
    possibly show how to sing like Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. I would really
    appreciate it man. :)

  9. Randall Chacon V

    +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy How you doing?… God Bless you to much, I
    wondering if it’s possible a video from you singing or Called How to sing
    Like Geoff Tate from Queensryche?… I writing you from Costa Rica, Take
    care and the Blood of Christ Cover you forever!!

  10. Absolutely Ken my own voice style developed out of being influenced by
    Cornell, Weiland, Keith Whitley, George Jones, Layne Staley, Eddie Vedder,
    Phil Moog –> UFO, and others. I also have been playing guitar and
    developed my own style from asorbing influences. Question are you keeping
    it dry for a reason? I do not hear any reverbs.

  11. Ребята, который ставят минусы, видать, ждут от Кена точного звучания “как у
    металлики” и регистра Хэтфилда – не понимая, что это не шоу “Один в один”.
    Техника – безупречная.
    Кену спасибо за ролики, и отдельно за чёткий английский – даже я, с
    минимальным практическим опытом, понимаю процентов 90 :)

  12. you should do nothing else matters, I feel like that song really captures
    hetfields singing talent more than any other song in metallicas
    discography. great video though, you’re an amazing vocalist dude.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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