How to Sing like Geoff Tate – Queensryche – Vocal Tone Explained

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How to Sing like Geoff Tate (formerly) of Queensryche – Vocal Tone Explained

In this episode, vocal coach and professional singer Kevin Richards shows you how to create the same vocal tone used by Geoff Tate (formerly) of Queensryche.

This fun, unique approach shows you how to imitate the dark, head resonance sound Geoff has been using for over 30 years in Queenryche and now Operation: Mindcrime.


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22 thoughts on “How to Sing like Geoff Tate – Queensryche – Vocal Tone Explained”

  1. Yay! Another vocal exercise to drive my wife and cats crazy (er) with! I
    normally have to drive a hard bargain to get music stuff, but for some
    reason they are like, super willing to invest in my own vocal
    booth…hahaha Thanks bro, Jet city, yeah!

  2. I will never listen to Geoff Tate the same again. The bald St. Bernard.
    Bahahaha! BTW I am loving your breaking the chains lessons. ☺

  3. I’ll tell you what even with the barking you do in this video you sing a
    lot better then Tate does now lol 🙂

    By the way I have a TC Helicon Voicelive Touch 1 and I wonder how much I
    can annoy anyone within ear shot by trying this :)-

  4. Ya, its good. Nice video Kevin. I think you picked up some details here in
    the sound color that only someone that actually can sing Geoff Tate and is
    a real singer, not one of these “me-too” people that never sing and don’t
    know what they are talking about on YouTube. Refreshing to get a “how to”
    video that attempts to explain the details and then actually hits on valid
    points. Bro…

  5. Great lesson Kevin. I always really enjoy the videos you put out. So much
    great information. Thanks from all of us improving singers :)

  6. Tommy Vicente

    Kevin, thanks for the video. You show the kind of voice that Geoff uses.
    characteristic of his voice. So, can you say that use the techniques to
    sing in particular vocalist style is acceptable, but seek to match the
    singer’s timbre qualities, can be limiting the development of vocal
    technique each person? I mean, if a person sings a particular song using
    only the lead singer of techniques that performed the original music, but
    without trying to emulate the tone of that singer, will have a better
    result, no? I ask this because sometimes I have the feeling that the
    pursuit of emulation timbres (timbres, non-technical) seems a limiting both
    the very voice of each person. I see people singing their songs with
    powerful voices, but many, when they do covers, seek the timbre of the
    original identity and their voices sound not so powerful.

  7. Circular Gates

    It’s a bit more complicated…But your summarize it poorly enough…Tate
    and other power singers also use that operatic head tilt and a heck of alot
    of training to round off the voice to sound projected. Diaphragm power
    cannot be overstated as well as compression, which is achieved through a
    bit of tightening of the neck muscles without actually straining the vocal
    chords but rather keep them locked together to trap the air behind them…

  8. Salamander Ham

    Awesome. Thanks very much. I am trying to get a Tate /Alder vibe down now.
    This helps. Thank you so much

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