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  1. i wana learn how to sing like M.Shadows i know all the lyrics to all of the
    AVENGED SEVENFOLD songs too A7X foREVer

  2. You’re still a hero man. Very talented and you know your stuff. Love it!
    Keep it up and I wish you and your students all the best =)

  3. Bob Hohenberger

    In this demonstration, How to sing like Dave Grohl and Chris Cornell, Ken
    Tamplin shows how to use safe methods to get vocal grit and distortion.
    Learn more about the best singing lessons on the planet from Ken Tamplin
    Vocal Academy. Learn to sing with power and tone! These singing lessons
    will ROCK YOUR VOICE! Learn more at and
    take your voice to the stars! Join with thousands of singers from around
    the world at and become the singer
    you’ve always wanted to be!

  4. Ken…great stuff man…have a couple of your CD sets and highly recommend
    them. Do you have any material on mixing vocal?

  5. I remember one day I sent you a recording of me singing “She’s gone by
    Steel Heart” and your comments really helped me. I’ve gotten better 😀
    Thank you Ken! (It was a long time ago, I don’t think you remember:P)

  6. Daniel Rolinson

    id like to see this sung without the voice overs to see what his natural
    voice sounds like on its own without any voice overs or harmonies

  7. rodrigo sanchez

    im interested to know what you think about how lemmy from motorhead sings,
    im surprise that he still manage to rock!

  8. can you help me with my vocals . every time I try this I end up hurting
    myself and I quit right away. I can’t manage to get the distortion like
    when you sing the chorus

  9. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Is There Really Such Thing As “Stress Free Singing”?

    I see many vocal coaches (and their students) promoting the idea that
    “there should be no stress while singing” and therefore frustrating the
    heck out of singers who think there is “something wrong with themselves”
    because they can’t, over night, achieved this “stress free” singing.
    (this also gives a vocal coach “tribal knowledge” to keep you coming back
    to them as the only one who has the answer to this elusive concept)

    This is nonsense and here’s why:

    Singing is like a sport. And with any sport, it’s not the absence of
    stress, it’s the management of stress that makes a great athlete.

    Think of it like this:

    When Lionel Messi is going to goal, do you think his body is “stressed?”
    (Anyone who says it isn’t has never played a sport before).

    But Lionel has learned the art of training his body and mind for that
    moment when it’s time for him to step on the gas, take on 3 players and
    score what “looks” like an “effortless goal.”

    But you can be assured, it was not done “without effort” or without

    Lionel achieved this through training his technical abilities as well as
    building stamina and muscle memory to achieve this consistency.

    Now it is true that some styles of singing require less stamina than others
    and therefore can be accomplished with less strength training.

    In other words, singing a light pop song requires very little “strength” in
    the sound whereas singing a heavy rock song often requires incredible
    strength and stamina.

    This is also true for those (like myself) that want to push their “limits”
    and abilities to be all they can be. This of course requires more “effort”
    and technical training.

    With that said, there are many stages to building this “stamina” and it’s
    ok to “find yourself” as one first starts with “damaging street singing”
    (with total stress) and going through the different stages of learning how
    to manage this stress away form the voice through correct training.

    If I didn’t show the different stages of this process, and only showed
    “perfection”, people would never learn that these people are all human,
    having to work on their craft just like yourself.


  10. DimebaggDaniel

    I actually saw this video a few years ago, I stop back in occasionally just
    to listen to this track. Raw vocal power and driving riffs never cease to
    fall under my praise! Well played! 

  11. Ken,I love the way You enjoying what You’re doing….XLNT!!!
    You’re genuine-I can see that-very GOOD!

  12. +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Hi Ken. I have been using the technique you show
    in this and a few other videos for vocals but I can’t seem to get it as
    high as you. I normally have a range around E2 – C5 but when using that
    technique I have much less range and I can’t get it as high as I want. Any
    idea what I might be doing wrong? 

  13. I wannaCutHeadsWithGuthrie

    Cornell can not be emulated. It was odd that his name was even mentioned
    in this Nickelback poopie type song. If I say I’m going to emulate Steve
    Vai, I’m going to literally phrase like Vai and use his favorite modes to
    stay in character… What does this have to do with Chris?? I’m a huge
    Cornell fan and I’m kinda just bothered by this lol… No Grohl detected
    either… No M shadows either 🙁 gosh

  14. I wannaCutHeadsWithGuthrie

    I watched more vids. You are indeed wickedly talented. I like Ken doing
    Ken man 🙂 Its sick!

  15. I’m planning to buy your course online. However, did you cover screaming
    tips? I’d like to mix singing with screaming like Corey Taylor or M

  16. AllAroundBallin 1600

    my voice has to get fully developed first. ugh it sucks though. I am a very
    impatient person but ig I have to wait so I don’t ruin my voice

  17. Is it possible to imitate Bon Scott? I assume that the answer is no. A
    voice that powerful, especially from such a little body is rare indeed.

  18. Gage “Wiki” Wells

    +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy I’ve noticed your ads on social Media here and
    there a few times. Checked you out. I love your teaching style. One
    question… And this is a common type for you. How do I, sing/scream like
    Chad Gray? I used to be able to sing, but I suck now.

  19. The true art of song has always been possessed and will always be possessed by such individuals as are dowered by nature with all that is needful for it ? that is, healthy vocal organs, uninjured by vicious habits of speech; a good ear, a talent for singing, intelligence, industry, and energy.

  20. Griffin Oliver

    These are the habits that it’s important to break to unleash the superb singing voice inside you.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...