how to sing like christina aguilera

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quick tips on christina aguilera signature sounds.

42 thoughts on “how to sing like christina aguilera”

  1. Wanna know what’s funny? This is to Everyone who commented on this video
    who said they hated Christiana. Seriously you hate her/ yet your watching
    this video. Buzz off.

  2. Ah come on, that’s what she does on a bad day, but she’s the one current
    artist that’s introduced me to soul music, she can come out so soulful when
    does her runs too. I feel like there are 2 sides of her singing. What you
    just imitated, which was actually pretty accurate and which I don’t like,
    and then there’s the incredible soulfulness that she gives out sometimes
    (but granted, used to give a lot more before). Anyway, I love your vids!

  3. She sounded nothing like her and Christina doesn’t scream. That was an
    insult to Christina Aguilera. Team Xtina not screama so correct your self.

  4. Quick Singing Tips

    I appreciate your take on this topic. I think Christina Aguilera does have
    a very beautiful voice. I think sometimes she can over do it, which can
    actually do more damage to her than good but each singer has their good
    and bad habits that come along with them.

    I also like how you tried to explain her technique.She takes a lot of
    influcence from the blues genre and r&b. This comes through in her singing
    like no one esle.

    Thanks for the tutorial and keep putting out good and honest content:-]
    Best, Marvin

    WARNING: No one should try to sing exactly like her without getting some
    proper guidance. If you do not know how to reach a note safely you
    could do some major damage in the long run.

  5. The shade is thick and i love it ☕️..Queen Dileesa reading “Floptina” her
    constitutional rights. I live for the shade that is thrown!! 👑😍

  6. Im over here in tears of laughter, we have played this video 5 times in a
    row and idk why its so funny to me. People are angry about the criticism
    and doesn’t understand that vocal coaches and teachers critique the flaws
    they find “vocally” it has nothing to do with how much money they
    have..because no one cares or how many records they’ve sold because once
    again, no one really cares..😂😂

  7. “A lot of what I teach you, is how to sing chest voice, you know, kinda the
    ($ RIGHT $) way.” Omg i love this video..i almost fell out my bed from
    laughing..lmmfaoo😂 . God bless you, Dileesa.

  8. Amazing T.V Productions

    woa woa wait, my voice is kind of like the quiet ariana grande type. I can
    sing but how do you scream and do all of that at the same time?

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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