How To Sing Like Chris Cornell Part II w/ Phillip Freeman

This video is done in tribute to the late and great Chris Cornell, and to guide you on how to sing Outshined, one of the many masterpieces crafted by this legend in Rock N Roll. Buckle up, kids, because this is going to be a long but incredibly detailed breakdown of my cover of Outshined and how I was able to do it. It’s purposes are to guide you in your singing, help you avoid mistakes, and continue the legacy of this incredibly difficult but equally rewarding singing style. Any Ad Revenue made from this video will be benefitting Suicide Awareness charities & organizations.


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32 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Chris Cornell Part II w/ Phillip Freeman”

  1. Dude this was amazing… best vocal tutor out here. A quick question though, has your break always been at c5 or has your chest developed to c5, then mix after. I feel like my chest/mix is a lot lower. Will that come with time

  2. Would you be classified as a baritone? You have a deep voice (you actually kinda sound a bit like Matt Heafy when you talk, and hes a baritone), but if your highest chest voice is a C5… You’re throwing me for a loop man lol. I’m a baritone and just hoping I can sing these types of notes one day. I’m capped out at a Bb4 right now but get pretty tired just singing around the F#4 / G4 range for prolonged periods of time.

    Thank you for the video! So much good information and you have a crazy good voice singing this song. You’ve got a new subscriber!

    1. Phillip Nathaniel Freeman

      Thank you so much TJ! Glad you enjoyed the video. When I was in college, that was classified as a Bass 2. In order to head to C5 I rely on vowel modification which is something I talked about and some of my other videos. That and coupled with years of obsessive practice and excellent instruction along with teetering on the edge of trial and error, I can hit C5s on a good day!

  3. hey man that is fantastic! I havent really found any guy who could nail cornell like this. you got the power there! I would ask you to do a video solely about distortion. man those distorted notes are just spot on! im a singer myself aswell, cornell being my biggest influence ever but kinda having a hard time producing and keeping those distorted notes up. i would love to see a breakdown of distortion..maybe in a cover of Cochise!? or show me how to live! would be awesome!

    1. Phillip Nathaniel Freeman

      Thank you Lorence! I did a break down of Toxicity by SOAD a few months back that touches on distortion as well. The key thing is developing a strong clean tone that you then shape with the positioning of muscles in the mask. I will consider making a more in depth video!

  4. Christopher Taylor

    Mix? Chest? Homogenized? Dude, I have to go study and come back to this video. Any suggestions on where to start? (Oddly enough, I do most of the things you are talking about in this video instinctually when I sing but I would like to learn the actual technical stuff.)

    1. Phillip Nathaniel Freeman

      And THAT is an excellent question and a perfect topic for my next video. Do you mind if I take your question and use it for my next post?

  5. Awesome tutorial! I had a question about your practice regiment: What is your routine? How much per day do you practise? How much time do you spend on warmups, exercises and actual material?

    1. Phillip Nathaniel Freeman

      Hi Tyler! I sing almost every day and make sure that I am warmed up before a high intensity performance. The warm ups and exercises that I assign are to build excellent habits and behaviors that make it possible NOT to have to warm up before every single performance. I never spend more than 10-15 minutes of warming up before I start singing. Anything more is overkill in my opinion. The more strength and flexibility you build the easier it becomes to simply start singing. That is the ultimate goal. Hope that answers your question!

  6. Hi Phillip. I have some questions and it is the only video that is new and in the same time the singer(you) is great. So ive got to ask. Im trying to find mixed voice. Is there any way to check if what i sing is mix or falsetto or head? For me there is little to no difference between them. I have the feeling that falsetto and head voice are the same thing. Both of them i can connect with chest voice by just “unlocking” some kind of botomness of voice like the falsetto is getting long legs that stands in chest but everything else is deep in head. So that is what is called mixed voice? Im confused because im left with all spectrum of different voices that fluidly goes from low to high. I simply dont know what voice i should use to add rasps to and how loud i should sing. For instance “jeff buckley-dream brother” Jeff is using breathy high tones with rasp as well as twangy ones. lets say we start from 3.26. He is singing in what i call falsetto(beacuse it is breathy) still connected to the chest. In 3.46 he sings the same notes with full big sound also connected to the chest. It is all the mix or the first one is not? Thanks and greetings from Poland 🙂

  7. JasonsAndChris JasonsCrhris

    first of all congrats this video is super super helpful at least to me. I gotta ask one thing though when you hit those (i don’t know how high they are) like D5 and D#5 after the second refrain, is that reinforced falsetto ? I don’t know if it is, but at least i hit these notes this way and i sounds really good. And one more thing, how do i know that i modify the vaws in a right way? i mean is there any wrong way to modify them?.. thank you very much!

  8. Man, you deserve it before and i didnt, maybe because the Flash of the video. But this video is very, very helpful and you make the quickly understanding to the ways to do it or to face it. And im very thankful of you. Great singer and great teacher.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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