How to Sing like Bruce Dickinson / Iron Maiden / Singing Lessons / Run to the Hills

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In this video I demonstrate how legendary Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson sings their classic song “Run to the Hills” off their 1982 LP “The Number of the Beast”.


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43 thoughts on “How to Sing like Bruce Dickinson / Iron Maiden / Singing Lessons / Run to the Hills”

  1. I’m currently 13 and practicing on my vocals so when I become older I might
    stand a chance of forming a decent metal band! What would you recommend I
    do first? I haven’t any ideas on where to start. What songs by Iron Maiden
    would you suggest?
    My voice is around the same pitch as yours I suppose. (Near enough really)

    Are there any other videos by you that can possibly answer my questions?

  2. Hi. I’m 16, and looking to learn how to get a sound very similar to this,
    and like Stu Block’s scream-like vocals in Iced Earth. Is there a
    possibility to contact you personally for prices on lesson and such, so I
    don’t need to really push to try and attempt these notes?

  3. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    I don’t know how many of you caught the comment left here before it was
    marked as spam and deleted, but Mr. “Superior Singing” or his people, keep
    spamming my channel with comments trying to direct people to his vocal
    course. AVOID this guy like the plague. Bullshit crap.

  4. Thank you so much for this video. Bruce is a favorite of mine. Also, I just
    had an audition as an Iron Maiden tribute frontman, and got invited back,
    but am under some typical Bruce notes by about a 5th when I try to belt
    (like the D at the top of El Dorado chorus). The band is ok with me
    adjusting melodies, but I’d like to be as faithful to Bruce’s work as
    possible. This video gives me the most hope of anything I’ve come across.
    Even though my voice is still kinda shot from that audition two days ago, I
    tried Run to the Hills chorus using chest and head and could do it! Didn’t
    sound very powerful, but it’s a start! Looking in to the course you mention
    at the end of the video. Thank you!

  5. Breaking the Chains is already helping me break my chains, in just a couple
    of weeks. I’m finding it easier to sing Dickinson’s high melodies now,
    rather than singing a 5th under him, as I’ve been doing to survive my
    Maiden tribute frontman role. I can’t make it through a whole set of songs
    like that yet, but I’m getting a little stronger everyday and it sounds way
    better than my shattered, shredded, yelling on pitch approach…
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

  6. Hey Kevin, great video, first time seeing your channel. I have a question,
    you may have covered in another video. I have sang Priest and Maiden in
    bands before, however i am now starting to do Iced Earth covers and i find
    it very hard to add the distortion and power to the high notes, i sound too
    clean doing it, any suggestions about how to do this? Cheers!!!

  7. Leyton Kirkpatrick

    Hey the way I know Bruce’s singing isn’t by his throat, he sings the high
    stuff and long notes with his diaphragm to prevent loss of air in his

  8. Hi my name is Paul Hewitson, I think your voice is right up there
    mate….spot on!! don’t want to spam your post but you might like to check
    me out see what you think…..I think bruce has a deep tone thing going on
    as well being able to hold the notes I tend to use the back of my throat to
    get this affect ….I ve done this job now for 14 yrs and I feel its kinda
    getting there…… all is good in the world!!
    thanks P Hewitson.

  9. hi dude,, new subscriber, you’ve probably (and I’m going to check) already
    done something on this before, but I consider myself to have a naturally
    “deep” voice, although I love (thinking) that I can sing Halford-esque and
    Dickinson-esque ranges. I’ve grown up in the 80’s of metal (My first record
    was Poison’s ‘open up and say ahhh…’ when I was 7 years old, so basically
    I’m a totally born metalhead… who can appreciate ALL styles of musi exept
    new-age pop and new-age country…
    anyway, I’m starting to record my own music and am after ANY advice
    what-so-ever on voacals, as I’ve been a drummer for many years and am
    finally branching out into the unkown lands of (being able to sing so it
    doesn’t just sound good to me) singing and song writing… I’m a complete
    novice whan it comes to singing for someone else and would be completely
    appreciative of any advice you could give… this particular viseo has made
    me think you know the style I’m talking about, 70’s,80′,s and to a lesser
    degree, 90’s, metal…
    regardless of my “dilemma”, great vid man, got me subscribed straight up…

  10. Dude-your awesome. What’s your name? I do most of the things your talking
    about naturally…WTF? I don’t understand it. The only lessons I had were
    in Catholic Grammar School to sing in church every first Friday. I WISH I
    could afford to come into the City and meet/sing with you!

  11. Enjoyed this, great hearing musically literate people! Strong ‘belt
    register’ preserves upper full voice range…
    I can sort of fake some of D’s singing but realized long ago that the
    control and formation of clear notes is much bigger than ‘forcing’ that B4
    5th note each time. All that to say I have much respect for a craft
    that’s… beyond me.

  12. Yes you can teach the technique…………. if they have the
    range……….. singing over your capability damages your vocal cords
    after some time…………If you do, you loose your voice like so
    many……… its nothing they are doing wrong its just that they have
    damaged a part of there vocal range that was not there natural
    voice……….. And you Will too If you preform every night for 4 Month’s
    go in the studio the rest of the year none stop for Ten years this is a
    fact Please be honest and dont try and convince a kid that they can sing
    like there heroes….. Hight range singers are born not made. 

  13. Hi Kevin , my name is Anthony I’m a singer (5 years …I’m not famous) I’m
    from Greece but I’m not singing only greek songs ( folk music) I never had
    a real teacher to learn me……as a result many times to get my voice
    injured that’s because I didn’t manage to sing by my diaphragm , yet ( let
    alone in English which are more difficult than Greek songs). I always use
    only my vocal cords ( especially for the high notes ). How to sing without
    injuries and get high notes without “fake ” voice ?

  14. Wow, Kevin…!!! Personally, I think you’re a genius in this realm.
    Extremely technical and palatable education here. I am completely blown
    away. Thank you!!

  15. joão fernando nizolly

    with training (head voice) can sing these notes (i’m baritone my highest
    note is c4 Brazilian notation) … a C, then middle C of the piano …

  16. Hi Kevin one of my favorite singers is Geddy Lee of RUSH he started out as
    a falsetto, by 1980 around Moving Pictures and Signals albums it changed.
    What type of singer is he from 1980 till today? I don’t sing but I dig
    Geddys voice

  17. One of the best demonstrations of connected head voice I’ve seen done
    acapella. This is a very basic hallmark of a skilled teacher of voice. They
    can actually show you via their own singing voice, that the results you are
    looking for, are possible to achieve! Kevin has that slam dunk!

    The Big Plus with Kevin Richards is, he holds your attention with great
    teaching skills, his teaching style is very concise, yet relaxed, second
    nature. Kevin consistently delivers (in his instruction/guidance) valuable
    “gems” of insight in the quest to achieve exceptional singing! Thanks

  18. It is sort of unimaginable for a singer to improve his or her pitch without the assistance of a competent voice instructor who has the knowledge and expertise to deal with pitch inaccuracies, diagnose their causes after which present solutions that work, including some ear training and vocal approach instruction.

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