How To Sing Like Axl Rose – Guns N Roses – Sweet Child O Mine –

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches KTVA Student Alex
How To Sing Like Axl Rose – Guns N Roses – Sweet Child
O Mine
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41 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Axl Rose – Guns N Roses – Sweet Child O Mine –”

  1. Mr. Kentamplin, I really need to know something, please: Is it true that
    the instability of Axl’ s voice is his fault? Doesn’t he know how to sing?
    Yeah, because, sometimes I sing exactly like him on a couple of songs and
    for a moment and on the other ones I just lost completely my range, even in
    low keys. Thank you.

  2. stop right there. next time less jaw movement and lets see if we can cut
    off a little more of that right nut to get ya a little higher? ha ha!!!! no
    man, great singing. its hard to hit that high and you can do it!!!!!

  3. If you mean his technique, it can be taught but if you mean similarity in
    tone it just happens, it’s my cross to bear.

  4. but a different technique would have resulted a different sound… and
    people love him for exactly what he is..i mean, was 😀

  5. Yeah Juan.Ive heard your stuff.In fact Im subscribed to your channel and
    have commented on your vids.Your fantastic at all you do (not just the axl
    stuff)..I saw on your facebook page that you hurt your voice recording your
    album..You may wanna hook up with Ken.Even though your an awesome
    singer,Ken can teach how to do what you do without killing yourself.I for
    one am a fan of yours and dont wanna see you lose your voice!!! Take care
    Juan & looking forward to the album;)

  6. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    One of the greatest rock singers who has ever lived. The current lead
    singer for Queen and Bad Company

  7. I want to ask, how do we sing with a high voice like him without having to
    expend too much energy. please answer me this question. because I’m in the
    process of learning a high note

  8. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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  9. Christopher La Rose

    Ken Do you think Jeff buckley or his father tim had a good techneque I do
    enjoy the way you tighten up the loose ends and improve on the flaws of
    musical inspirations cause sometimes or lots of times those inspirations
    made a carrer at being flawed like we all are but it cost them there voice
    and the song testify and livin for my lord rocked. My son does a wah! face
    when he hears it at times. I will say you make it cool to be a baritone

  10. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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  11. so from a technical standpoint, why exactly did axl ‘lose’ his voice? and
    if you watch a video of him singing live in, say, 2002 when he had no rasp
    (where his voice was much ‘cleaner,’ higher-pitched, and almost sounded as
    if he was sucking helium), can you tell whether he re-learned how to sing
    in another style? it seems like using the ‘rasp’ destroyed his vocals and
    he tried to re-learn all his songs in a different falsetto, but i don’t
    know much about the technicality behind singing. i’d love your insight.

  12. Hello Ken, I’m a 16 year old boy and I cannot hit the high notes that Axl
    can sing. I was wondering if you could do a video on expanding your vocal
    range when you are going through puberty without damaging it. Thank You :)

  13. Shawn O'Connor

    This was extremely helpfully guys. Thanks for posting. I’m going to nail
    this bad-boy tonight at the gig!

  14. LucasAlexanderLarsen

    For me it sounds like he is screaming his way trough the song, is that the
    correct way of singing it?

  15. I used to struggle with this one,now that I am relaxing,using proper
    technique, open throat,pushing down on my diaphragm,I nail it every
    time,thanks for helping me discover the amphitheater in the back of my
    throat :)

  16. Rockerman pre

    Hi Ken i would love to hear you sing Bon Jovi “Living on a prayer” and also
    please please please cover a song by Tony Harnell of TNT.

  17. Hey guys I have a great vocal range I believe. I can do the theme of a
    western show called, ‘Cheyenne’ at almost full depth and do Sweet Child of
    Mine, you may not know, ‘Cheyenne’, but it uses a guy that has a really
    deep voice. Look it up if you still don’t know, on youtube.

  18. Do you know one of my good friends at church used to play with Guns n
    Roses, and wrote some the songs. His name is Robert Payne. O:-)

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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