How to sing like Adele – Vocal Techniques

How to sing like Adele – Vocal Techniques

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Watch to the end to see me sing a cover of this song!

In this video, I give specific tips on how to hit the big notes in the Chorus on Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

Adele uses 2 different approaches for the power notes

1) Belted Chest voice on the words “all” and “inside”

In order to do this well singers have to:
i) Take a deep effective breath
ii) Project on the vowel sound
iii) Add a ‘sob’ sound to the note so that you can hold it long and not sound harsh

2) Solid Head voice on the word “deep”

Just let your voice go into head voice, don’t try to belt this one out. Use ‘whoop and weeee’ sounds to release the strength of the head voice

I end this video with me singing a cover of the song. It’s very raw, as I don’t use any editing – but I hope you like it!

40 thoughts on “How to sing like Adele – Vocal Techniques”

  1. I’ve been watching your videos and I like your information . But I want to
    be a better singer . I can’t sing very well In my opinion . I want to be a
    good singer . How do I Improve my singing all together ? Please help .
    Thank You . 

  2. you have obviously a great voice but you sound a bit nervous in your cover,
    am I right? I love your explanations by the way, they are very clear and
    effective. Thank you for helping people like me to become more confident in
    singing :)

  3. I don’t know what’s the problem with some people here. I think your singing
    is fantastic and you have great technique. I listened to that carmen
    reece’s ‘beautiful pop’ rendition and found that I didn’t like it enough to
    finish it. Different strokes eh? Thank you for your videos and if I were
    still in Australia I would love to study singing with you. 

  4. My voice doesnt sound good.its annoying.and when i watched your videos of
    learning how to sing it just didnt get better so can you help me,please?

  5. You are good at teaching singing, but it is like you do not follow your own
    teachings. You sound like you are straining. It makes you sound out of
    breath, which I’m sure you are, and your vibrato is almost uncontrollable.
    Also, you scoop your voice. I can not explain what that is, I do not know
    how to. Do research if you are interested, or if you find it
    self-explanatory, fix it!

  6. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho

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    #SingingTechniques #VocalTips

    How to sing like Adele – Vocal Techniques

  7. Hi! thanx for taking the initiative for teaching ppl around! I was facing
    some problems with ending the chorus on the word ‘beat’. If you have some
    tips for please let me know. Thanx!

  8. good technique to do the chest note and go to the head note. But You’re
    using vibratto too much. This make the song sound forced. Make clear notes
    and sometimes do a vibratto, this will be totally like Adele!

  9. Brittney Peterson

    thanks! I could never grasp her chorus note I can do the verse but couldn’t
    get out of my head note for the chorus, this technique helped greatly!
    now to practice!

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