How to sing “Let It Go” from Frozen

How to sing “Let It Go” from Frozen

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In this video, I showed some keys in how to sing the hit song “Let it Go” from the amazing movie Frozen and specifically I’m going to compare and contrast the different versions by Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato, so in the process you’re going to learn some pretty cool things about singing in different styles and genres.

5 key contrast

1. Styles

2. Resonance

3. Larynx Position

4. Approach to melody

5. Tone

Which version do you like more?

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42 thoughts on “How to sing “Let It Go” from Frozen”

  1. So Kerri I would appreciate if you go to my soundcloud and check my latest
    snippet, it’s from Skyscraper, I kinda tried something tho, challenged my
    belting. My username is WalleWaltz. I would appreciate that ^^

  2. Hi, just found your channel and I’m so happy and subscribed 🙂 how do I
    control resonance? Is there a video on it? Thank you

  3. Really love your teaching style in your videos! Interesting comments on
    this one. I think both versions are done very well in the styles they
    target. Idena did great on hers, and Demi did great on hers.

    If you look up the history of this song, you’ll find that this song was
    written then produced in both versions specifically with Idena and Demi in
    mind. Demi did not steal and change the song. The song was released in the
    movie with Idena’s voice and on the soundtrack and movie rolling credits
    with Demi “on purpose”. This was a choice made by the songwriters who were
    working on the music for the movie, not the artists who performed them.

    So Idena and Demi both did a wonderful job with the song in their
    respective genres. However, my personal pick is Demi’s version. Although I
    think Idena is a very talented singer, I find the sounds and tones that
    come out of her voice are not pleasing to my ears. There are places in her
    version of this song where for me it comes across almost like nails
    scratching on a chalkboard. “I’m not putting her down”, it’s just a cool,
    unique difference in each of us, that our ears do not receive and respond
    to all sounds the same way. I find the same things happens to me when I
    hear Celine Dion sing. She’s awesome, but some of her tones get under my
    skin 😉

    Love your vocal tips! Thanks for posting them Kerri!

  4. Abdullah Alsabah

    Demi has really improved after she took a rest and met a professional music
    teacher. She has more resonance and her vibrato is on point and she can
    hold high notes which are higher than before like f#5-G5 with vibrato. And
    her head voice has developed “live” and she gained over all a lot of ease
    with no strain. I really wish I can meet a music teacher but unfortunately
    we don’t have ones in my country as talented as you ؛)

  5. can you please do the same tutorial on domino” jessie j, “chandelier” sia,
    and “best thing…” from beyonze? thnks!

  6. Idina wins in my opinion! But I might be biased because I don’t like many
    pop styles but I love the more musical styles.

  7. If you are a complete beginner you’ll learn the theory behind concord singing and get the ear training you may need to develop your style.

  8. Jacob Stephenson

    It’s always been a basic gut reaction, like I like that? or I don’t like that.? Now I have a more nuanced understanding of music and how we perceive it. I still really love music, but I’m also much more aware that I can’t do what I want to do, which is to make music.

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