How To Sing K-pop (for non-Korean speaking people)

As UkeShiDae reaches its 1 YEAR, we decided to celebrate our anniversary by making a tutorial video on what we’re known for doing… which is singing along to K-pop songs (even though we are not Korean), or otherwise known as Korean Gibberish! 😛 Hope you guys enjoy our video, and we are very grateful for all of you fans out there. Thanks to you viewers, we have accomplished more than what we have hope for when we first started this YouTube project. We hope that UkeShiDae has another successful year, and stay tuned to see what we got in store for you. FIGHTING 🙂

With lots of ♥
Tommy and Joshy

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T-ara – Day By Day (Core Contents Media and LOEN Entertainment)
2PM – Again and Again (JYP Entertainment)
SNSD (Girls’ Generation)- The Boys (SM Entertainment)
Wonder Girls – Like This (JYP Entertainment)
EXO-K – MAMA (SM Entertainment)
Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense (Nege Network and LOEN Entertainment)
2NE1 – I Am The Best (YG Entertainment)
BAP – Power (TS Entertainment)
IU – Good Day (LOEN Entertainment)
Secret – Shy Boy (TS Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment)
Big Bang – Bad Boy (YG Entertainment)

All of these songs used in our video belong to their respected company. No copyright infringement is intended… It’s NEVER intended. WE LOVE and RESPECT ALL kpop music.

42 thoughts on “How To Sing K-pop (for non-Korean speaking people)”

  1. Crayon Pop and SNSD SUPER FAN!!!

    What channel was that on your tv someone plz tell me thanks !!! I rly want
    the korean channel or a channel where I can watch kpop stuff plzz thanks

  2. TheDavidHurtado

    When I try to sing along to Kpop I just make a lot of moans and noises that
    follow the beat. No one has corrected me yet.

  3. I’m barely 2 min into the video and I’m already cracking up !!
    The first step is sooo me and when I saw EXO I completely freaked out !!

  4. ‫حبيبة اللمعي‬‎

    Thanks a lot for awesome ways to sing korean songs 🙌💕. Actually I’m an
    arabic person and I love Kdrama so much, when I want to sing an ost from
    drama, first I listen to the ost, after that I bring paper and pencil and I
    write the words of the ost in Korean language and the meaning in Arabic
    language, and then I write the pronunciation in English language its help
    me a lot 😌💜. Finally I save the ost in my mind and I can sing it 💟✋.

  5. I think that for those who are unable to speak japanese and is able to sing
    some japanese songs after listening to it many many times, like me.

    I think that people who are like that is also able to sing korean songs.

  6. At first i wasnt really paying attention to the boy group on the screen
    then he unmuted it and i fell off my bed

  7. This videos could have been great and a hit among kpoppers, too bad you
    guys try so hard to be funny (you are funny, but don’t push it). Everybody
    I showed this video said the same: hard to watch.

  8. I can sing the songs but you just say what you hear and not exactly the
    lyrics. But for me reading korean that quick is hard for me. 😭😭

  9. Myun_Chen Infinite_Exo

    I just listen to the sounds of the words and sing. 😂 then my Korean
    friends told me that all my words are correct!! Also, EXO!!! Chen!!
    Chanyeol!! Bias!

  10. No matter what you might have heard from doubters earlier than, you possibly can learn how to sing like a professional.

  11. Mitchell Fitzgerald

    The exercises and workouts are put to pop style music so learning, practicing or just warming up is not only fun but I will enjoy hearing your singing improve as you sing the vocal exercises and workouts!

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