43 thoughts on “How to Sing in Tune”

  1. Part of what makes singing tough I think is that people who hear you sing
    react like “huh?” because it doesn’t sound like your speaking voice.
    Usually, speaking voices are at the bottom end and singing voices are much
    higher. If they didn’t know you at all or didn’t know it was you, then you
    may see different reactions since they don’t have preconceived knowledge of
    how you sound naturally. Guys especially have it rough and feelings of
    embarrassment crop up, especially for tenors.

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  4. sibuna lover101

    my family said i cant sing and i always love singing but what i told myself
    is that you can sing but u have to find the key or tune of the song

  5. When I was in my teens I was truly tone deaf. I couldn’t tell you if one
    note was higher or lower than another. I learned to tune a guitar by ear
    long before I could hit any notes. A huge part of it was probably shyness
    and that I realized how terrible my singing was. Things improved
    dramatically when I got my own place where I could sing whenever I wanted
    to without bothering anyone. It may take a lot more time than you want it
    to, but hang in there, it’s worth it. Life is excruciatingly long!

  6. at various times, i have spoken to two different people who heard me sing
    at a jam session, both were music teachers, one said i was tone deaf, but
    the other told me there is no such thing as tone deaf, and i just needed to
    train my ears. even professionals seem to have differing opinions, that’s
    why i’m loathe to spend more cash on signing lessons, as how do you know
    who to trust, would they just take my cash, even though they don’t think
    i’ve got any chance of improvement. seems you just have to take a chance.

  7. Arlene Rogers Wilhite

    This is so awesome. thank you Mr. Burnley. I would love to get your program
    first chance I get. This very kind of you to help those of us less
    fortunate but who love to sing and want to perfect their skill. I love to
    sing, and I’m not young but I see that this program help those who still
    have hope to sing better. God bless you and your program sales.

  8. Southern Visionaries

    i would love to have you for a teacher, you helped me. I used to be in the
    choir and the next year when i tried out and messed up one note she (the
    choir director didn’t let me in. I thought I lost my voice until today,
    thank you for posting these videos

  9. Sing Better In 3 Days

    I’m so happy that you are sharing this information. So many singers are
    discouraged about this, especially with the popularity of American Idol.
    You rock!

    If you guys would like an audio voice lesson in addition to the great info
    in Mr. Burnley’s video for easy on the go singing, please feel free to
    subscribe to my Podcast…there are some awesome audio voice lessons.

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    range of men or women. Episodes 3, 4, 9, and 10.

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  11. Whitney Mansfield

    I sing with a voice of Patsy Cline twist of Janis Joplin Amy winehouse very
    unique I think you could really help me with my pitch I’d love a lesson!!
    awesome video!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...