How to Sing in Tune – A Quick Tip on Singing in Tune

How to Sing in Tune

Singing in tune is mandatory. Look at it this way…even if you want to sing out of tune, learning to sing in tune is necessary to make sure that you don’t accidentally sing in tune!

This video is broken down into tips for beginner’s, intermediate/advanced vocalists and pros. While the tips apply across the board, there are some very predictable problems that occur at those different stages of our singing development. I talk about them here, offer some video suggestions and some thoughts about how you can sing better in tune!

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5 thoughts on “How to Sing in Tune – A Quick Tip on Singing in Tune”

  1. I love you man. Now I don’t need to ask the question again Saturday. Even I needed this, being one who thinks he is often in tune but really is not as much as I think. Thank you again my friend. Seriously. Your lessons are not just about singing but to some of us an additive to the natural healing we use for some of our life issues and that is so very valuable.

  2. Garlic Butter

    Hahah wow, this is well timed for me, I actually understand the way you explain this, and it FINALLY makes some sense to me now (thanks for the work out analogy), I had just come to the warm up exercise… cause I couldn’t remember how to do them without the melody! Now I know that crutch is kind of a problem xD

    The gestures help me grasp what’s going on in my throat thank you. Figuring out how much my cracked larynx (had the bone/cartilage crushed when I was young (strangled), etc) is causing some of the difficulty and those dropping sound when trying to go my range… made me realize holding both halves in place and let’s me get 2 more of the… notes? Still can’t get the final higher note tho… I can’t take in all this video since I am just beginning still but I am noticing big improvement in my car karaoke 😀 and over all ability to speak in a real voice in general (also not noticing my throats get tired nearly as fast now)…. gosh I sure rant on YouTube. Sorry for anyone reading, but hopefully it finds some use to someone

  3. Hi Jeff! You absolutely read my mind! I was going to ask you about this in your next live.

    First of all I have to say thanks, I always had intonation problems and vocal fatigue after singing a few songs (even in studio). Trying to find a solution to my problem I ended up in your channel.
    I’ve been doing your warm ups and exercises for the last three months and some weeks ago I suscribed to your triple A method. Now most of my intonation problems have disappeared and my resonance has improved to a level that I have never imagined.

    Now that I sing in tune with a beatiful and powerful voice in my comfortable range I am exploring new areas of my voice. I’ve never tried to sing over the secondo passagio (with both head and chest resonance) because my “break” was enormous. Now that I (moreless) fixed that break I am trying to allign all the vowels to sound the same above the register event. However, everytime I switch to an a, ah, i or o vowel I fall into falsetto. I can easily go up to a high C with e and u vowels. From what I’ve learnt in your videos this has to do with a third muscle (ligaments??) not letting TA and CT muscles work together.
    I want to know if this is normal and it’s just a coordination problem.

    Also I want to know where I can donate. In your videos you say that your channel is open to donations but It seems I cannot find how.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...