How to sing in thin folds and thick folds – Somebody that I used to know by Gotye
How to sing in thin folds and thick folds – Somebody that I used to know by Gotye

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In this video I demonstrate how Gotye and Kimbra use both thin folds and thick folds very effectively in singing the song Somebody that I used to know.

I explain the difference between thin folds and thick folds and give tips on how to best practice these two types of vocal execution.

It’s about giving singers more CHOICE in their vocal palette and helping you become a more diverse singer!

Try it out!

40 thoughts on “How to sing in thin folds and thick folds – Somebody that I used to know by Gotye”

  1. Hi Kari , You have a very pretty voice , Have you made any recordings ? By
    the way did you get a chance to watch some of my singing ? I sure would
    like to have your feedback .

  2. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho

    Yes I have but only from 2007 and back and I don’t like them anymore lol. I
    am however being inspired by yourself and other YT subscribers to perhaps
    record an album this year…

  3. can you make a paramore song please, my voice is really close to hayley
    williams, so… i was thinking if you could help! I really like your
    lessons and you have a very very very very beautiful voice! <3 🙂

  4. Oh neat. When you demonstrated the meme exercise a very old song sung by
    petula Clark, “rose rose I love you/may kway”. It’s on YouTube. Over time I
    found it really annoying cause it’s used throughout the whole song. I think
    she was trying too hard to sound girly? Am I right she is utilizing the
    thin folds technique? So I take it the thick folks technique is singing
    through the throat?

  5. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho

    We can also use thick folds to sing and not be on the throat. It’s about
    knowing how to support your voice whether using thick or thin folds.

  6. Hi Kerry! Can you please help me? first of all, i love your videos, but i
    have a problem. When i sing, no matter how high or low, i get a sore
    throat, it is at the hight of the adams apple (i don’t know if girls have
    one) and i get a bit hoarse and numb in both singing and speaking. Am i
    singing with to much air? or to strained? or what am i doing wrong? i am at
    a stand still, it is like this all the time and i am really loosing the go
    to work on my singing because i’m not going anywhere.

  7. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho

    You could very well be doing both – i.e. straining and pushing too much air
    through. I can’t tell you for sure until I hear you. But I’ve seen many
    singers in your position before – where they speak very much on the throat
    and end up with very raspy voices. I highly recommend you get some singing
    coaching lessons and have a professional help you fix this or it can have
    future negative consequences.

  8. Great Video….. So basically thin voice is female like voice? And is it
    also part of chest voice? Can you please tell me if this song is also an
    example of thin fold French Montana- Gifted Thanks

  9. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho

    Thank you. In this video I actually demonstrate both thin folds and thick
    folds. Thin folds are very similar feeling to chest voice, and thin folds
    are close to head voice tone. Hope that clears it up.

  10. For pop songs, I sometimes find that I can sing the verses perfect then
    find that the chorus is too high for me (I’m a baritone). From a music
    theory stand point, is it considered not good to sing the verse in thin
    folds then switch to thick folds for the chorus (or just constant switching
    throughout the song)? I know it becomes pretty obvious if the singer has to
    switch to sing certain parts lower personally.

  11. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho

    The solution to your problem is to develop mixed voice. Have a look at some
    of my videos that are on this subject as well as my how to belt series.

  12. super lesson – I loved it. I have been singing years and love this song but
    I struggle on the thick fold part. I felt its too high for me and my voice
    sounds stretched when I try it. I will try these exercises and see how it
    goes. p.s. have you got a sister in the UK ? you,re so hot its unreal.

  13. Excellent lesson!! thank you so soo much! This cleared things up for me a
    lot, I had no idea about thin and thick folds, I’ve always done this, but I
    thought I was doing something wrong… now I know what it is and I can
    choose how to sing… Thank you and cheers from Chile!

  14. Hello! I have my grade 3 exam coming up, I am really worried about doing
    the improvising as I don’t really know what to do and get embarrassed every
    time I try and do it in front of my singing coach! Have you got any tips??
    You would help me sooooooo much, thanks!! 🙂 Molly xx

  15. hey there. interesting topic, and well explain. by the way i upload my
    cover of this song on soundcloud. i wanted to tell you that when u sing, at
    least here, i think u abusse of your vibrato in the end of the sentences,
    and that s not how the song and style goes. :p
    xo and thnks 4 your lessons

  16. Kerri, could you possibly do a video teaching ‘Someone Like You’ from
    Jekyll and Hyde? I’m doing it for an audition and I would love some help!!
    You make the best videos 😊

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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