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Developing a powerful mixed voice is essential for Rock singing. Being able to belt notes between middle C and high C is the most effective technique of a Rock singer. Voice teacher Kevin Richards takes you through on exercise to develop a powerful mix resonance.


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45 thoughts on “How to Sing in Mixed Voice / Singing Lesson / Rock the Stage NYC”

  1. Thescreamsable

    im learning the rough voice i can sing pretty high now i can scream shriek
    n growl but i have trouble with the lower notes or singing low

  2. i can sing high note without strain but my voice sound a bit like headvoice
    and i can connect to the headvoice although i still feel the vibration from
    my chest. Sometime when i try to make it more like chestvoice then it sound
    like a little vocal fry. I dont know if i sing in chest voice or head voice.

  3. lijstthuispiano

    Thank you for the video. Very interesting. Funny to see how there are so
    many different types of exercises for improving tone, range, etc.. Even
    among people that are classically trained there seems to be some
    disagreement on what is “correct” and “incorrect” (wow the debates
    sometimes in the comments….:)). But I think your videos are a great
    addition to lessons!

  4. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    The reason there are so many explanation and debates in voice education is
    because a lot of what you do to sing correctly is subjective to the person.
    What it feels like for one person may not be the same for someone else. Its
    like trying to explain how to feel “love”. The role of an educator is to
    help you experience these sensations for yourself; to discover them on your
    own terms through experimentation and expression.

  5. lijstthuispiano

    It must be difficult (and sometimes frustrating) being a vocal instructor.
    Although it might also depend on the student. After all, you need to give
    the instructor a chance to find the right exercise for you. I’ll try to
    remember to compliment my teacher once in a while for trying:) It sure is
    fun learning how to control your voice though. Never thought it would be
    possible for even me to sing (to some degree at least)…

  6. Hi, i’ve been studying Lzzy Hale’s technique and i’m pretty sure she’s way
    beyond every singer i’ve listened to. Can you explain how she does that?
    she does it all (falsetto, head voice, chest voice, belting and even
    screamo), without getting hurt or tired. She has the same voice in the
    beginning and at he end of the gig. Hpw is it possible? What to do to get
    there? Thanks.

  7. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    What to do? Easy. Learn proper vocal technique, practice & train for a few
    years to achieve the skill you need and maintain that level of
    practicing a few times a week, warming up before the gig, warming down
    after the gig, staying properly hydrated, avoid smoking & alcohol, avoid
    certain foods on the day of a show, get plenty of sleep, maintain a
    positive attitude etc. etc. etc. Like I said… easy.

  8. hello i am a 22 year old lyric baritone interested in developing high
    register. I go up to A2-A4, but my voice teacher told me my vocal cord may
    still be growing so should i be doing these scales as well?

  9. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    at 22 I highly doubt your vocal cords are still growing from puberty. My
    guess is your voice teacher doesn’t know how to increase your range and
    used that excuse to get out of it. Yes, do these scales. Everyday.

  10. I am a bass-baritone and I have a somewhat good head mix, but I feel it’s
    sounding a bit too heady and a bit too light. I kind of have no idea how to
    connect my voice from chest to head and sing in the middle of the passagio
    and upwards. Think you could help me with my problem?

  11. Mr. Richard, when I practice your BTC program exercises, I encountered
    problems with some exercises like “minor mine” and “Gee Ya” . In these
    exercises, you said not not get lazy/breathy and try to get a very
    clear/hard tone. When I use hard onsets on these exercises for about 30
    minutes my vocal cords get swollen and lose all my upper range. Am I doing
    something wrong or these hard attacks wear out my voice. Thank you, sir.

  12. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    I don’t say use “hard tones” I say “clear, solid tones” meaning non
    breathy. Hard attacks (glottal attacks) are bad for your voice if done over
    and over. Listen to my examples and you will hear how you should start each
    notes of each exercise. If you need more help, book a 30min Skype lesson.

  13. Daniel Nahoa Ani

    I break into middle voice exactly at middle c, my last note in mix voice is
    to the G. Am I breaking way too early? I just can’t comprehend how I can
    pull my chest voice up so high without straining? any help would be nice to
    clear my confusion.

  14. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    Hello and welcome. Start on my main channel page and look at the playlists
    and pick a topic that you think you need the most work on first and go
    through those videos.

  15. Hello. I’ve got a range of Bb2 til F#5. What is my voice classification? I
    think I’m a Baritone as I can hit the low notes loudly. How long does it
    take for me to go up to C6 if I do this exercises for 10 minutes per day, 5
    days a week? Thanks in advance.

  16. hi this is rishi i am a baritone and i wanna sing rock but for me its a
    little bit hard to reach the high notes what should i do to extand my
    vocal range and does creating a mix will help me in eliminating vocal
    if so can you tell how to master it

  17. What the hell happened when I try this tongue out?Äää-ä-ä-äää-ä-ä-äää.
    Sounds like duck but helps.I can sing higher.Also tongue stretching helps
    immediately.I am baritone with range D2-A4(best days).F4-A4 is hard for me
    with same singing volume.Don’t want strain.What helps to ease out that
    range or beyond that?
    Vocal exercises really help like these, thanks.

  18. Hi, Kevin. Let me ask you something. I’m able to sing even a C6 but the
    thing is I need to do it loudly, without any strain that I can notice
    though. Nevertheless, I can’t sing those notes lightly yet. Should I stop
    and get them light first? Does it sound ok to you? Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi kevin-Thanks for your videos- they are very informative. I am looking
    into buying a singing programme that will enable strong clear belt in the
    upper register that will be suitable for belting pop (celine dion, whitney
    houston, demi lovato etc), musical theatre (think wicked and pop/rock
    musicals) plus rock. at the moment I use a lot of sls exercises for my own
    students but feel this is just too thin as you stated. Will your programme
    be suitable for these genre’s or is it better for hard gravelly sounding
    rock/metal. If it is not suitable do you know any programme that would be
    most suited for these styles? Many Thanks and looking forward to your
    reply. Jen :)

  20. Amazing, a bass-baritone singing that high. I’m guessing technique crashes
    through the classical boundaries, and you demonstrated it. I will learn
    from this. So, on your point about the abdominal strength, could I
    construe core strength training (getting the abs) would actually help with
    singing? I guess exercise helps with everything.

    I’m a new singer. (Older, but new singer.) I’m hoping to get to the A5
    someday so I can easily cover all the high R&B ’70’s songs I love. Weak
    below C3 down to G2, but stronger and brighter as I get higher, and kind of
    run into falsetto around A4 to Bb4, but I must be able to climb higher.
    Right now, E5 to F5 is pushing a bit for me, though I can do it. Got to
    keep trying. Will watch your videos and learn. Good stuff.

  21. BurnzBoyzProductionz

    So my comfortable singing range is about G2 to E4 in full voice. I can
    push out, though not very comfortably most of the time, F4-G4. However when
    I do this exercise, and I’ve only done it once, I was able to hit an A4
    pretty comfortably and a B4 with some added effort. I guess what I don’t
    understand is how to transfer what I’m doing in this exercise into actual
    songs. I know a lot of vocalists on youtube say to replace lyrics with the
    exercises, should I give that a shot?

  22. I’ve got to know… How high can you expect to develop a mix voice? I only
    got mine to C5. After that, it started become falsettoey and I had to raise
    my larynx and twang like crazy to get it higher than that while still
    maintaining control. My twanged falsetto is not as strong as my mix below
    it, but it’s probably a matter of practicing.

  23. Hi Kevin,
    I can tell your exercises kind of work even in a minute. I tried other
    programs on the market. I can’t see any real effect. By the way, how do you
    think of this singer:

    He is a top pop Chinese singer and has been trained by Seth for many years.
    But his voice doesn’t sound very amazing to me.
    Thank you!

  24. xxChaos97yelxx

    hi this video was very very helpful and its awesome and ive been attempting
    to learn how to mix for a bit now. I was an okay singer but ive been
    wanting to get a little more serious about it now and when i would belt
    before i would just wail with a chest register, and after a few months of
    that my voice just gets worn out and ive been wanting to learn a strong mix
    to belt instead. So im thinking ive made some sorr of mental barrier that
    makes it difficult for me to use a mix because whenever i get to my break
    (F4ish), I do a sharp and noticable break in to falsetto. In pop music i
    dont mind doing falsetto but in rock i really do want power and in a chest
    belt its there but it wears out my voice. Is there any way to overcome this
    mental block? thank you very much

  25. so that’s why when I sing high notes I think they sound higher than there
    supposed to be because a tenor wouldn’t have to stretch so much jammy sod’s
    I don’t think a Barritone stretching sounds very good I’m a baritone not
    happy 😐

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