How to Sing in Key – Flat Singing – Do You Sing Off Pitch – Sing On Pitch

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How to Sing in Key: Pitch Problems – Do You Sing Off Pitch?

In this episode, master vocal coach Kevin Richards shows you a way to train to sing on pitch or sing in key better. This extremely simple exercise can get your singing songs in key and on pitch in just 10min a day.

Lots of singers have problems singing songs in the proper key or singing on pitch. Why do vocalists have these issues? Well, some singers lack an ability to visualize pitch in their brains before they sing the note. This disconnect can sometimes be severe (tone deaf) or mild. Sometimes people sing out of key or become “pitchy” as Randy Jackson of American Idol used to say a lot, because the notes they are singing either don’t have enough breath support, not enough resonance, too much vocal muscle strain or they have too much breath support.

Some singers sing in key perfectly in their chest voice but seem to go out of key when they sing into head voice; this is an issue of vocal strain. Do this exercise just 10 minutes a day for a few weeks and you’ll see the difference in your voice without much fuss.


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15 thoughts on “How to Sing in Key – Flat Singing – Do You Sing Off Pitch – Sing On Pitch”

  1. I’m thinking that people with pitch problems will generally be flat/sharp
    by a quarter tone or less , but it will be very rare to see people be off
    by a half tone or more. Correct?

  2. JlDaBlackSuperman

    Hey! I have a question. I’m having trouble singing on key. Thing is tho is
    that if I play a note on the keyboard i can hit it correctly, i can sing
    along and in harmony with another person just find, and I can also follow
    the EXACT melody of the song just find. My problem is when I sing and my
    lyrics don’t match the exact melody of the piano or guitar and has its own
    melody like a counter melody I can’t seem to stay on key with certain
    phrases that don’t match the original melody. What is the best way to help
    correct this without re-writing the song at all?? Any suggestions??

  3. hey ! I think I have a problem with my pitch… when I hear someone play
    something, like strumming once on the guitar or the piano, I hit the notes,
    but when I sing a whole song it seems like I lose the control in how I sing
    the words in perfect tune along with how I’m supposed 2 stress words… I
    think I might be overthinking, so it seems like I have ALOT 2 learn =/

  4. My voice sounds like a walrus that is in heat, that fell off a mountain and
    broke every bone in its body; while it was choking on a basketball.

  5. Hey, thanks for the video. Could you please recommend some mouth
    shapes/sounds to practise this technique for someone who has too much air
    escaping and a breathy sound. Thanks!!

  6. Hey there! I’ve also got a question relating to the topic of singing in
    key, that troubles many beginner vocalists worldwide. The thing is: when I
    practice singing whilst composing at home or with my friends, the accoustic
    way (meaning only while using a piano accompaniament or an accoustic /
    classical guitar etc.), I generally encounter no problems as such, and –
    the way I hear it on the recordings of the sessions – I sing the songs
    pretty well and stay in tune.
    However, when it comes to rehearsals with a rock band that I started having
    for some time now, and I’m singing whilst accompanied by a full drum set
    smashing the hell out of the joint, and our guitarist playing while
    applying a wide variety a of distortion effects or overdrive (or something
    similar) in certain songs, things become rather difficult.
    It’s like as if I was being somehow slightly misled or deconcentrated in my
    hearing sense by the distorted sound created by the electric guitar (or my
    proper reflex was being delayed a bit), which in effect often ends up with
    me singing flat or sharp (especially in choruses). It really gets me
    irritating and almost guns’ blazin’, since the same vocal line – practiced
    at home, or even without the distortion effect applied, sounds just fine
    and I hit the notes correctly! O_o
    What could be the cause (or causes?) of such issue and how to best reduce
    the chances of it happening again? The voice feedback that I receive from
    my 12’ active speaker used as a monitor, set up close, is of rather good
    quality as such, yet I assume that perhaps one of the issues is that one
    speaker (even of the best in line that there are as quality products) is
    not enough? :/ Would procurring an IEM system improve things considerably?
    I do hope that I’m not tone deaf, else I’d no doubt already been sincerely
    informed by my listeners, whom I favour for honesty, ha ha. Anyhow, any
    help or tips considering the matter above would be much appreciated. Thanks
    again for the great video, Kev, and godspeed to all You vocal students out

  7. I have seen sooooo many videos about pitch and singing on key, and this was
    by far the most helpful. I only wish I had seen it years sooner. Even vocal
    instructors I had worked with made me feel like singing on key was
    something you either “had” or didn’t. This make it real, and attainable as
    something you can build on. thank you for a great instruction and great

  8. Very interesting. You know, I’ve got a friend who sings totally monotone
    however, he is a music lover. Is that just an extreme case of brain to
    vocal muscle underdevelopment?

  9. Take to the stage in front of your family and friends at one of our in-house performance spaces designed to boost your confidence, release your brakes and sing your heart out!

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