How to Sing in Head Voice – Soprano Range

Navigating through the break can be challenging, especially if we’ve developed some less than idea singing habits in the past or are unfamiliar with the concept of what the vocal register events are. In this video I use some of the best exercises I have to help singers become more accustomed to approaching their breaks (secondo passaggio) and starting the process of smoothing it out so that they can have a seamless transition from chest voice to head voice.


4 thoughts on “How to Sing in Head Voice – Soprano Range”

  1. Patricia Podolyak

    Great great exersises. I have to say though, that when I do them, specially
    the first of all the series starting at D5 down, I feel I am in my head
    voice, is this supposed to be ok or should I feel more chest resonance from
    D5 to lower notes? I can feel that this kind of exercises help improve my
    tone too! Many thanks and I will build my own playlist as I check the
    videos and try which are the best for my present voice development.

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