How To Sing In Chest Voice – How-To Singing

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41 thoughts on “How To Sing In Chest Voice – How-To Singing”

  1. Ilari Hämäläinen

    I almost lost my voice once because of too heavy singing (with my bad
    technique). I got it back just by doing some breathing rehearsals. It took
    about an hour of breathing. Doing the one minute quiet “ssss…” over and
    over again. Then just doing that neutral voice/noice that is left with a
    good breath but not adding any support. I’m not a specialist but if you
    don’t get any help from here – maybe try to find a CVT teacher and ask hih
    or her to give the CVT First Aid lesson. It helped me.

  2. Well, i don’t lose my voice. What happens is that when i sing like 3 or 4
    songs i start to cough and i have to wait like a 1 minute or seconds to get
    it back. I am 14 years old and i don’t know if its that my voice is
    changing, and maybe its because of that, but all i know is that i’ve been
    really really confused throughout all this months.

  3. Yeeah.. you are doing it wrong, you are putting pressure to your vocal
    folds. Do you sing with your diaphragm or your lungs? A way to do it, is
    sing but put one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Which one
    moves more? if its your chest area practice using your “tummy” That might
    fix it, it’s a little tricky at first but try it^^

  4. You’re doing something wrong and are at risk of hurting your voice. Go back
    to basics and work on breathing and humming. Hum along to your favorite
    songs and really try to feel the resonance or buzz in your “mask” area–the
    front parts of your face. This will allow your vocal cords and muscles to
    tone, strengthen and become more agile but you’ll be doing it in a safer
    way. When you’ve worked on that for a while try singing words using the
    same technique you used for humming. And….

  5. … always remember to warm up for 10 minutes or so before singing actual
    songs. Do hums, lip rolls or trills, concentrate on breathing and do
    scales. Just like sports injuries, if your vocal muscles are not warmed up
    you’ll be more prone to injurying them so warm up every time!

  6. Andrés Rojas Antón

    Take this with a grain of salt: From my own experience, any time my voice
    went hoarse is simply because I was screaming in order to reach certain
    notes- Going deeper that meant that I was trying to be a voice that wasn’t
    mine. My advice is: In order to reach higher do it from your own voice with
    your own expression. Main point of the story “Find your own voice and it
    will find the higher notes”. Hopefully that helped.

  7. I dont really know how you sing, but It’s very likely that you’re forcing
    your voice. If you notice your bridges messing up after a song or two then
    that’s probably it. And if that’s the case, then you have to push the reset
    button and learn how to sing from the beggining. With proper singing you
    can sing for hours. And if you’re into rock music(which is tough for the
    voice), then you’ll have to set it aside for awhile, and focus on building
    your voice until you are ready for it.

  8. when i hit high notes,my voice start getting hoarse.maybe im wrong about
    wat i am doing, can u help me?i really want to hit high jealous at
    bruno mars.pls help..

  9. I didnt know what chest or head voice was untill my friend told me and she
    helped out and i realized i only sing in head voice except for 6 notes
    under middle C o.o i really wanna increase my chesh voice though, help plz?

  10. Yeah, sounds like you’re having problems with tension and strain. Maybe
    going way outside of your natural range. I’m not an expert either but
    Sophie Shear’s got some videos that explain these well. Here’s one on
    singing with your natural voice, or just getting you used to the idea of
    speaking into your singing – qpPIsYYCQgM

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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