How to sing – Hybrid Vocal Technique – No more falsetto

READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW!!! Using Hybrid Vocal Technique, Eli Prinsen demonstrates high, powerful singing in the true voice instead of falsetto or head voice.
The clip where I sing “Queen of the ryche” is done in FULL chest register (the speaking voice – NOT IN FALSETTO OR HEAD VOICE…The super high examples are in a fusion of the high speech register and the head voice register.

45 thoughts on “How to sing – Hybrid Vocal Technique – No more falsetto”

  1. retardedsquirrel106

    I can already hit those high notes with head voice (like you, I can’t go
    that high with falsetto), but I’m still having trouble bridging from head
    voice to chest voice. Is that normal?

  2. Hey Eli!
    I’ve been a self-trained singer for 3 and a half years now and I taught
    myself to use that King Diamond style for high notes above D5.. I am a
    Baritone by nature and my natural singing voice sounds alot like
    Candlemass’ singer on their first album (probably not your style of music,
    but just an example) and Glenn Danzig… But I also wanna learn how to sing
    in that more tenorish power metal high range style as well so I don’t have
    to struggle when I want to hit high notes above 4th octave (if I switch to
    falsetto around that area, it’s piss easy for me to sing up to a B5
    though).. so I’m going to purchase the Hybrid Vocal Technique program…
    but I have a question : If I study using the program, and I get the results
    I want.. would that mean I can’t use falsetto effectively anymore?

  3. I take my hat off for you for being the only one that claims to teach how
    to do this and actually shows a convincing demostration.

  4. alejandrothefader

    +Eli Prinsen i don’t understand how the difference between falsetto and
    head voice is so prominent
    falsetto is just headvoice without putting preassure in the vocal folds,
    and letting a lot of air coming through, while head voice is using more air
    and compression to hit the same note in a louder way, right? or is that
    theory wrong too?
    i mean, i can reach up to the “dream on” scream in “louder than speaking
    voice” and also scream it if i want to, i don’t think it’s falsetto, but
    then i have trouble in bridging my voice and making it sound like “chest”
    i can sing things like “i remember you” by skid row or “coronas” like the
    second chorus of “children of the elder god” by poets of the fall with
    ease, but as i said, i have trouble singing in my breaking point…
    btw my natural break is at e (the one close to middle c) but “belting” i
    can get up to g# with a lot of vocal strain (if i’m trying to sing godsmack
    or something like that 😛 )
    my usual training is scales, scales with “ng” going from ng to “aa” in a
    ngaa sound and singing songs
    what the hell am i doing wrong if anything?
    am i just putting air into my falsetto and believing it to be head voice or
    is my assumption correct based on what i’ve read and seen? i feel like i’ve
    made a lot of progress, but… damn that passagio!

    oh, and something else, brent smith of shinedown… WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT
    MAN SING IN? it sounds like he is singing in chest voice all the time… 

  5. I thought I wasn’t good at falsetto bcuz i damaged cord with all the
    yelling i do when i sing. I can “yell” notes, idk what its called but thats
    pretty much all i usually do when i sing its a stress reliever.

  6. so this technique DOES have a name ! I use a bit of this technique when I
    go higher on the “e” vowel… I don’t go as high as u though, I just use it
    as a bridge into headvoice 🙂 I still sound a bit weird though, cus I just
    recently learned 2 do it, but I don’t sound weak anymore, now it’s all
    connecting… though it will take some time before it’s perfect :)

  7. White Star Broken

    well falsetto is not bad just listen to creep that its an awsome falsetto i
    whanted to ask if you can make a video on that difficult part of creep or a
    vid that can help me because he gets really high in falsetto but also with
    his real voice in the part that says ” she runs runs runs runs” that last
    runs its not in falsetto its in his real voice but its not had voice… can
    you help me?

  8. Eli, I have purchased your training lesson plan and let me tell you how
    grateful I am! It truly works! Obviously I’m still far far away to go but
    at least I can now reach notes that I’ve never been able to reach before.
    This is my attempt on Mr Big – To Be With You.

  9. Shawn Anderson

    This is really intriguing to me. I don’t sing metal though. I want to sing
    80’s Arena Rock (Journey, Boston, Kansas, etc). Would your system work for
    me? thanks

  10. This was pretty awesome. Anyhow ive got a question. You see , i love all
    kinds of metal from heavy to thrash to deathcore/metalcore. Now , if you
    ever heard deathcore/metalcore you would now what im talking about. I
    would like to do the clean you do , but also i would want to growl and
    scream as they do in deathcore and metalcore. Can i do both is the real
    question? Because i heard singing deathcore / metalcore style can damage
    your voice pretty bad.

  11. Eli cn you please cover the FINAL FRONTIER with your own VOICE? Because it
    makes me FEEL COOL! VERY VERY HIGH NOTES and Sounds Great!

  12. I love these examples. Youre an amazing vocalist btw. I am interested in
    adapting these techniques in R&B, pop,blues and Gospel . I have yet to see
    an instructor do that. The challenge I find is staying connected while
    moving through passagio quickly. Or the low part of head right before
    switching back to chest voice.The rock singing seems easy but not my
    passion. I love hearing others use it. The mix or power voice you use on
    the top is exactly what I use and singers always look at me like I’m crazy.

  13. Several months went by..I’m at Level 8 now and it has helped me doing the
    Steve Tyler scream for I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. One question
    though….I tried to breath only from nose but has never been able to get
    the amount of air I need. As an Asian I feel that my lungs are smaller. So
    far I’ve been breathing through that OK? This is my attempt on I
    Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. Thanks for your teaching.

  14. Pretty sure this what they call belting. That’s fine and dandy, but what if
    you want to combine this with a lighter tone? Or what if this belt is too
    screachy? And nasal sounding? How do you round it off?

  15. It’s all a matter of preference. Wouldn’t sing R&B with this “hybrid” lol!
    It’s awesome tho nevertheless!!!

  16. misukiy Lambertson

    I do this exact style and people say I’m gonna get nodules and say I can’t
    hit high notes. xD people really don’t know what they’re talking about

  17. Jester TheZombie

    I’ve been looking for this for years. I sing the kinda Manowar style vocals
    but I always have to strain to get the high screams.

  18. Manuel Maldonado

    I try and I try again with much insistence and I can not make that head
    voice with as much power as you. What should I do?

  19. The secret to singing and playing at the same time is to be proficient first with guitar and then add your voice.

  20. Sierra Sutton

    If you’re a complete beginner, or someone with a lot of singing experience, the truth is that with the right instruction and program, you can drastically improve your voice.

  21. Some of those songs were not acoustic initially but were made so later, normally by the same artist.

  22. Singorama has the added benefit of being based online meaning that you can access the training material at any time from anywhere with an internet connection.

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