How To Sing High Notes With Power in the style of Geoff Tate | Sing better high notes | Vocal Power

How To Sing High Notes With Power | Sing better high notes

This video continues the series of how to sing high notes ‘in the style of’ and in this instance it’s Geoff Tate. In order to sing better high notes as a rock singer it is useful to have an understanding of vowels can be modified to change the overall timbre of the voice. This video vocal demonstration shows how I can change the timbre of my voice by some alteration of vowel placements and help me sing better high notes that are more in the style of singers such as Geoff Tate.

Michael Sweet –
Paul Stanley –
David Coverdale –
Steve Perry –
Rob Halford –
Rik Emmett –
Sebastian Bach –

Learn how to sing better high notes with power

39 thoughts on “How To Sing High Notes With Power in the style of Geoff Tate | Sing better high notes | Vocal Power”

  1. do you think you can have a female singing friend guest and give us lessons
    tailored to female voices, like you do for men’s?

  2. Tony, as you already know, I was a professional opera singer for 15 years.
    Using that style with the full of the vocal fold made access to rock style
    above tenor A impossible! I have studied ALL your videos, done the
    exercises,and within about 6 weeks have re-discovered what I thought was
    impossible! I have accessed the spot all the way up to E5 and beyond. I am
    now singing rock and metal songs I couldn’t access since I was in college!
    I have seen many so-called Youtube “Vocal Academies” (some even have the
    audacity to throw around a few operatic catch phrases to lend credibility),
    but, as a classical trained and successful singer, you are the only one who
    seems to actually understand all the mechanics, was able to teach me
    something I could not do on my own. I am forever grateful. More, More,

  3. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    Nicely done Tony. The real secret to Tate’s tone and approach is his
    bridging early to head resonance combined with pharyngeal and cry mode. And
    a sense of the dramatic in the delivery.

  4. You have one of the coolest voices I’ve ever heard. You just have a crazy
    amount of control and refinement. Thumbs up!

  5. For Someone who naturally didn’t sound like Mr Tate when you were in your
    own voice, you sounded amazingly like him with your vocal prowess &
    techniques-well done!! 

  6. so I was thinking about a singer who could handle some vocals for some
    tracks of mine and I typed in halford style singers and here you are now
    doing jeff tate,you are good man , you are the real deal man good job.I
    have some old tracks I want to add vocals to but have no body and you could
    do it hands down.hit me up if your interested and we can go from there

  7. Kickass performance, you sound great! I’d love to see your video on what
    techniques are used power metal, like ‘in the style of’ Kiske or Sammet 🙂

  8. With the recent controversy I can appreciate people making judgements on
    his person. However, it really bakes my noodle when people knock on his
    vocal ability or say he’s “lost it”. Listen to more recent performances of
    the track “Someone Else” and it becomes clear his voice has barely changed
    since 1994. Voices age, the guy is in his 50s. He was, and still is, one of
    the greatest voices in the industry.

    This song while sounding easy when Geoff sung it is a very hard song to
    sing for a baritone in particular and even harder to sing the way Geoff
    does. This guy said it best. Geoff has a scary blend of technique and
    unique timbre. I’m a musician myself but unfortunately not gifted with much
    of a singing voice. I can hold a small tune enough to offer some basic
    backup vocals but I’ve always had the utmost respect for people with true
    vocal talent. I’d kill to have a voice like Geoff.

    That all being said, I feel this guy did the song more justice than even
    Todd LaTorre does. That poor bloke had the unfortunate job of filling two
    huge shoes. Those of Geoff Tate and midnight. Both unique and incredible
    talents. Even though it appeared far more forced than it does with Geoff,
    it was a truly mind blowing rendition. 

  9. dude, you appear to be a UK resident. 🙂 Any chance you do private
    lessons?? I’m by no means a beginner but I would love to learn a technique
    that allows me to rip it up vocally without ripping up my voice like I do
    sometimes. Your technique seems like the ticket. Teach me your ways! I’d be
    fun to teach, promise!! :)

  10. Simon Christensen

    +Vocal Power I would love to watch a video where you cover some of the
    earlier and – I guess you could say more demanding – Queensrÿche material.
    Stuff like Before the Storm, or Neue Regel. Thanks

  11. ur few lessons and some more vids on youtube taught me a lot.. I m a
    guitarist who is a big fan of classic rock and heavy metal..atleast taught
    me how to sing my heart out without sounding bad

  12. You’re much better than the pedantic Ken Tamplin and seem a much nicer
    person! Geoff Tate can reach some very low notes too, and he often uses
    such a low note to slide up from, to one of these belted high notes.

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