How to sing high notes – Private Stavanger Sangtimer | Singing Lessons in Stavanger | Sanglaerer

| Private Sangtimer Stavanger, Stavanger Sangtimer Singing Lessons in Norway

For more free videos click the links above! If you live in Stavanger in Norway, you can have one to one lessons.
Here is information about vocal anatomy to help you to control your voice & add flexibility to high notes. With an exercise to get the larynx working the way you want it to. A vocal coach at the London British Institute of Modern Music, Chip set up Stavanger Sangtimer | Singing Lessons in Stavanger.


19 thoughts on “How to sing high notes – Private Stavanger Sangtimer | Singing Lessons in Stavanger | Sanglaerer”

  1. is this also a way to obtain “open throat” sound? this is going to help me out a lot! thanks Chip! once i get a decent cam I am so going to take lessons with you.

  2. ghazal boroumand

    Thank you so much for this video .
    your lessons are really helpful , actually you are a great teacher .
    unfortunately I don’t live in UK , How can I access to skype lessons ?

  3. please thumbs up so Chip can see this

    when i sing, i think i strain my voice, especially at the high notes. I dont quite understand people when they say to “use my diaphram” and i dont know how to sing without straining my voice. I watched a few videos but I still dont think i’m doing it right. I dont need to improve my actual voice– i can sing the high notes im talking about. i just need help doing it in the proper technique. I need to learn how to do it without hurting myself.

    Can u help?

  4. Sevak Kirakosyan

    Awesome! I really felt that thing. It’s like I’m learning about my body, getting more conscious and acquainted with it. It’s really valuable. Thank You so much! Cheers )))

  5. Invisible h ?
    Anyways i love this . Im 14 n i used to sing real good till i got sick :'(
    But im not giving up on my dreams !

  6. Hello All! Thanks so much for the comments below! 
    I am really hoping that we might be able to squeeze in some singing lessons on Skype for those who asked about it below?
    The normal prices are here:
    Once payment is received by paypal, I send you my online diary which shows availability in your timezone! 
    I very much look forward to meeting you & thanks again for all the encouragement.

  7. Mignonee Simele

    Chip Jenkins i know your name and one of these days you will know mine ,you are amazing , fantastic,i`m am so speechless thank you

  8. I always do lip trill but still I can’t get the high notes.
    And I don’t know how to control my Larynx, how can you help me? But this video is AWESOME its really great!

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