How to Sing High Notes Part 2

In this free singing tip, Naomi T Kaye goes more into how to sing high notes, cracking and speaks about some of the hidden reasons behind high note insecurity, and something to do to get past them! **All comments left on this video will be answered, personally.

Here is your FREE virtual piano to use: for your how to sing high notes homework this week.
How to Sing High Notes Part 1:
How to Sing High Notes Part 3:

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5 thoughts on “How to Sing High Notes Part 2”

  1. Lithium Sapphire

    I have a piano, singing the same songs for 3 years and i still can’t do it. when don’t strain they became weak and sometimes like whispers. whatever the god gave to this people, he didn’t give me this gift i can’t find any more explanation. cause i am working very hard and ending up nowhere continuously. it’s just sad.

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