How To Sing – High Notes part 1

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In this video, Eric Arceneaux teaches you how to sing. Specifically, I teach you how to sing high notes without struggling to reach the notes.

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42 thoughts on “How To Sing – High Notes part 1”

  1. Jax Rochecouste

    Haha I love this guy! 🙂 Not only is he a great teacher he’s funny ^.^
    Thanks also this helped!!

  2. it might sound weird but i drank honey (not mixed with anything) and it
    healed 😀 but idk for you cause my voice was not suuuuper damaged but you
    can always give it a try 🙂

  3. eric you are definitely the best voice teacher, thanks so much, your videos
    help me a loooot. i auditioned in a new choir and the first practice we did
    the same exercises you show us, i was like oh yes i know them, it won’t be
    too hard

  4. u’re an amazing teacher, all the mistakes i made u said in ur vid, like u
    were listening to me O_O wow…

  5. My sister said that I can’t do high notes because I am a Sapreno . . I will
    love to prove her wrong. Lets do this!

  6. neil nate nebraska

    i lord,i don’t mix my voice and i have troubles to go above range is
    Eb2 – F4 chest voice.falsetto reaches F#6.

  7. Thanks. I really need this. I use to know how to sing high notes (kinda
    like Mariah Carey) but Idky I can’t any more. Idky P.s. I don’t smoke. Lol

  8. Hey Eric, your videos have really helped me out in singing. However, I’m
    having the opposite problem from what you describe in the video, which was
    pushing to hard. I sing tenor 1 in my high schools men’s choir, so I’m
    fairly familiar with my head voice. However, when I tried to go to this
    “mixed” voice, I simply fell into my falsetto. I’m having trouble not just
    jumping up into my head voice like I’m used to, and so far I’ve been unable
    to even feel the in-between voice your talking about.

  9. EricArceneaux

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  10. Justin Valentine

    Children who’re taught with singing integrated in to their lessons be taught more shortly in comparison with those who are usually not taught on this means.

  11. Courtney Conley

    Though all of them require the same type of singing, the difference could possibly be within the screaming and growling, a vital skill for steel singing.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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