How to Sing High Notes in Chest Voice Correctly (for advanced singers) | Singing Lessons

Learn how to sing high notes in chest voice the correct way. The chest voice can be stretched to the top of your range, but it must be done with diligence and precision. This lesson will cover how to strengthen your chest voice through your bridge ranges with an exercise on the pure AH. There is also a second exercise on OO to counterbalance the aggressive work of the AH.

Although this video is catered primarily to guys, the principles within also apply to females too — the only difference would be the ranges. The first bridge range for females would be B4-C#5; this is the area in which you’ll feel the rounded AH start to kick in. From D5 and above, the AH will open back up.

If you do not know the following, you are not ready for this exercise. You must already know how to:
* Bridge/Modify your vowel

* Keep your throat relaxed

* Support

* Create strong, efficient cord closure/compression

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00:06 – Introduction
00:23 – Disclaimer
00:53 – Prerequisites for Exercises
01:32 – – The pure, open AH
02:20 – – The round AH
03:31 – – The round OO
03:58 – Exercise 1: The Loud AH
10:44 – – Comments on Exercise 1: After Effects
12:39 – Exercise 2: The Round OO
17:12 – Final Comments on Exercises 1 & 2



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41 thoughts on “How to Sing High Notes in Chest Voice Correctly (for advanced singers) | Singing Lessons”

  1. I think I have damaged my voice doing this, stupid of me, my lower register
    is completely cracked, I can’t go lower than my speaking range

  2. Rebecca Walilko

    I am so glad I found this channel- this helped so much. Once I graduated
    high school, my voice started to worsen in quality. These exercises are
    super wonderful; I’m happy you include an ‘after effect’ so that I know I’m
    doing everything right. Thanks, Marnell. O uO

  3. Thanks a lot, that`s an excercise that really helped me! Normally I already
    struggle with an E4, but in this excercise I could sing a G4 with
    ease..altough it`s strange, it sounds really like chest voice and very
    powerful,, but because it lacks of tension in my throat ( what I normally
    have when singing high in chest voice ) it feels rather like headvoice or a

  4. Hey fantastic lesson! I have a question though. I can approach a G4 or G#4
    from bottom, like starting from a lower note and going up, without
    straining. However, when I have to start with those notes, I tend to crack
    a little and not attack the note cleanly. How do I deal with this? Thanks a
    lot! :)

  5. Marnell what are your thoughts on vocal fry? useful for developing cord
    closure? thanks for your reply. this exercise is really helpful btw

  6. Dammit, i remember i was doing this exercise along with all the ones i have
    and my results 2x, for some odd reason i can’t remember i stopped doing it,
    well now i have it again!!! as soon as i did it instant results

  7. Stefan Salvatore

    wow this exercise seems quite fun to do, my brightness in tone is getting
    better,but here is the thing,before my throat would get tight and I would
    choke which is wrong,but now I don’t really feel it in my throat but my
    diaphragm doesn’t feel very tight either like it used to happen a week
    ago,so its like I don’t feel any tension anywhere , like for instance when
    I am singing head voice I don’t really feel any tension anywhere at all,its
    almost kind of the same tension, am I doing something wrong? do I really
    have to feel tight on my stomach/core region?

  8. I noticed you are holding the top notes and you are doing vibrato on those
    top notes, if I can do the vibrato successfully like you demonstrated ,
    does that mean I hit those notes without any tension in the throat?

  9. Still the best exercise for strengthening mixed voice I’ve ever tried.
    Trying to expand my head voice range weakened my chest voice. This brought
    it right back.


    Hey Marnell, how are you? Buddy?
    I wanted to ask that does riding a bike in speed affect singing voice in
    any way?

  11. Greg Bystritski

    I remember when I first watched this i really didn’t know what the
    prerequisites were but I still tried the exercises anyways. lol

  12. Extremely useful, especially the aah sound, I developed a breathy chest
    voice from doing lip trills wrong when my voice was breaking during
    puberty, that exercise really helps compress my vocal chords when I go down
    to lower notes

  13. George Lensgraf

    could i just do this ah thing in example 1 while playing a pentatonic scale
    on my guitar on the first few strings. i hope this helps.

  14. George Lensgraf

    yeah marnell i kinda figured after watching this video for the second time
    hey im gonna play an arpeggio on my guitar and whammo it makes sense. root,
    third, and fifth and back down but stopping at the root. i use an a amajor
    scale then go to d major and then emajor. it works for me.

  15. Hi Marnell. This sounds like a very good exercise. Two questions. Are you
    beginning the exercise at C4 on the keys? Also, how high from there can one
    safely go without risking injury? Thanks.

  16. using this exercise i felt like i could hit much higher notes. the only
    issue i have is making them sound good. i can hit them but they sound quite
    nasally and i’m not sure how to adjust the tone of the sound.

  17. Stefan Salvatore

    at the oo vowel I feel like i strain a little on the throat,I am trying to
    engage the support but it doesn’t work as well as the AA Vowel like you
    showed in the first exercise, as I am going past the bridge do I really
    have to open the mouth wider ?

  18. Thank you soooo much!!! You are amazing. From the very first exercise I
    could sing higher notes without the feeling of strain and it only got
    better from there!!

  19. ProvenCredulous

    Chest Voice, Head Voice as well as many other key components to getting
    better at singing is explained by this pro vocal coach:

  20. Hello Marnell. I have to say your exercise here should get more credit than
    it is getting.
    I am able to sing for extended periods with no problem, but I’ve found that
    talking really fatigues my throat and voice. I have noticed that doing this
    exercise is actually correcting that, as the fatigue and tenderness seems
    to disappear after. I am currently on the F note, which makes me land on
    the B flat at which point my voice is breaking. Do I keep hitting the note
    until the break disappears?

  21. You said you were going to teach us to sing high notes in our chest voice
    not scream? I’m confused….

  22. Hi. Thanks a lot for the video -I have a question: recently in my warm up I
    went 2 notes above my vocal range (G1-G4) as a result I ve been
    experiencing some muscle strain kind of pain inside my throat. I have
    stopped singing fir 2 days but I can still feel strain pain. What is the
    right thing to do? advise please..

  23. If you’re singing a song with another particular person, the overall musical composition is known as a duet.

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