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*I am not a vocal coach nor a professional*
I am aware that my techniques still need improving.
Who am I to teach you? lol
But if you need a head start, I guess these are a few helpful tips. Maybe you can do it better than I!

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40 thoughts on “HOW TO SING HIGH NOTES! | AmaZane Channel”

  1. you don’t really belt, then again you do but it’s more like a scream or shrill type of scream. please it’s not an insult or discredit but you lack power so it’s more falsetto

  2. Destiny J.G.T

    wtf I want to do that high note😂😂man I’m subcribed and checking all your advice videos because i want to do my best for my online audition..

  3. Mary Elizabeth Beuoy

    I’m so confused. I worked on finding my voice for almost a year, my head, falsetto, whistle registers and lower register were under developed but MAN could I belt. Not like So Hyang or anything but I was resonating up to a high A. My range was probably F#3-A5-E6. Then, I go on a mission trip for a week and I was resting for a week after and I didn’t sing once. Now, about a month later, all my belting is gone. I can’t find where my placement was, I can’t find my proper mix or anything. However, my lower register, head, whistles and falsettos have now ‘developed’ more… ig..? Idk. Now my range seems to be D#3-F#5-B6. It’s so frustrating because before, I could belt out an Eb5 with so much ease, like I was simply talking. Now, I can barely belt that note. F# is the highest I’ve gone since the trip. Does anyone have any tips on how I can get my belts back? They weren’t the best, but it was so so easy for me. I’m only 14, so I understand that my voice could just be developing. It took a whole year to finally find my voice. My vocal range when I first started was A3-B4-B5 and I peaked for about a month and now I’m trash again, haha😂 and to have to start back at square one would suck. So if anyone has any tips or tricks I would LOVE you forever… seriously.😂

  4. Matt Cedrick Serrano

    I only know how to put my belt on … (filipino) “pero di ako marunong kumanta ng maayos :'( ” Hahaha

    You’re a good singer … Amazane 😀

  5. Julla Valen Del Fierro

    Hi, Zane! Where can I buy your EBOOK? Is it also available here in the Phil.? Hope it is ‘coz I reeeaalllyyyy want to read it huhu thanks 💕

  6. SarahMorris _

    I’m auditioning for americas got talent! And your videos are helping me become a stronger singer! Oh and how do u spell that live stream app thing lol

  7. I am a trained singer I know all the techniques and I don’t belt that much becoz I am shy . I learned how to belt when I was 8 know I am 14 I naturally belt and use the technique it just happens automatically

  8. I love belting, but every time I do, I just get super loud.. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I’m a powerhouse singer so I guess it’s natural haha.

  9. I’m 13 years old and I really struggle to belt highnotes love watching these videos and
    maybe I’ll learn to hit the notes soon

  10. so lost i’d honestly prefer to know how to mix but as a guy i can belt up to G4 (or belt? i have no idea if im mixing or not) very comfortably (or with ease? im also lost on if i’m straining but it doesn’t hurt at all question mark? lol), and can hit G#4 sometimes. really want to know how to mix and would prefer to have a headier mix compared to a chestier mix but i haven’t even really learned how to mix…

  11. you sounded like mariah at the first of the video💜😍😍 and btw i am a really really big mariah fan

  12. Okay okay I need some advice. When I try to belt I sound like I’m scream talking kinda and underkey. And when I use my head voice it is really quiet so, when I transition is gets from screaming to quiet. I have been trying to even it out, but it is really difficult to hit high notes while belting. What should I do to improve?

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...