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11: Hi, this is Craig from Shimizu Voice. And this is how to sing loud and high with twang without using all those noisy sounds that you have to make in regular training like wah, wah, like a baby. Or like nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah Because I know there’s people with very sensitive ears, who don’t like making those sounds and it’s difficult to train them.

:36 And it’s also the second part of a three part series of three muscles that all singers should be able to control.

:58 So part two will be the second most important muscle. That is the soft palate. The soft palate is important because it controls breath flow into the nasal passage. That’s why I nicknamed it, the nose door.

1:14 When we’re singing, we don’t want that nasal passage open because it’s a waste of air. And that extra air flow causes your vocal folds to strain

1:39 That closed position is also critical for the development of twang. So let’s get back to the soft palate training. The soft palate has three basic positions.

2:35 But when we begin to sing, depending on how you sing, then the soft palate has a tendency to relax and some air goes into the nose.

2:57 In that same vein, a singer should be able to close their soft palate whenever they wanted to.

3:35 That extra air flow bothers the vocal folds. So we want to be sure that it is closed. Ahh. Ahh. And you can hear when it closes because the voice gets very nasal. And you’re on your way to twang with your soft palate in its closed position…ahh…essential for twanging.

4:20 And actually they’re all very good at positioning the soft palate. What I’m big on is that you feel the soft palate in which position it is. And the closed position, that allows you to make those shrill sounds, it’s a tightening of that area above the soft palate.

5:00 The soft palate is located in the back of the mouth on the top. It’s connected to the hard palate. So if you use your tongue to trace your hard palate and go backward until it gets soft, that’s where your soft palate is.

7:15 So what does this have to do with twang? After you get used to not having any air going through the nose, then you try to sing loud and clear. And the loud, clear sounds that you make ahh, ahh. Guess what? You are twanging.

8:16 You want to develop twang without having to make all those other sounds, wah, nyah?

8:35 Now, getting back to the soft palate because we can’t perform like this. Repackage it…’TWANG DEVELOPER!”…make a ton of money.

9:00 I’m closing my soft palate.

9:30 And I’m just making my voice clear, and I’m twanging. Ah…. Ah…..

10:00 It’s also a good way to help those with too breathy head voices, too falsettoey. Just, uh, close off that soft palate, start up here, ahh, then give yourself a bad cold. Ahh…… You can sear how that developed into that wangy, twangy, nyah kind of sound. Ahh…. The key component was the soft palate. So if you can develop the ability to close it at will…a one in a million…chance of a lifetime. I was twanging it.

10:45 I know that’s hard to do, too for some of you. So then, the one that you want to do next is yawning. Ah. Ahh. Yawning is the sure fire way to close the soft palate.

11:32 Yawning. So those of you who can’t feel that soft palate tightening…yawn. Ahh. Ahh. Yawning closes the soft palate. Ahh. Yawning is also good for lowering the larynx. Ahh. Ahh.
What’s not good about yawning is that it sounds like yawning.

12:27 Even that lowering of the larynx should eventually be done with no tension. Ahh. Ahh. That’s why it doesn’t matter the style of singing that you want to do, controlling the soft palate is very important.

12:41 So this is Craig Shimizu with how to sing loud and high using twang without having to use all those noisy sounds. And also this is part two of three muscles that all singers should be able to control.

4 thoughts on “How To Sing High And Loud Using Adduction – LESSON 43 – Craig Shimizu Voice”

  1. Praise Yeshuah (Child of Hashem)

    I’m a thin framed guy…I have been writing music all of my life and for
    people who I have believed to have great singing range. I want to start
    singing my own material now… I have great pitch and timing…my problem
    is my air flow and volume. How can I more effectively project my voice.
    I’ve done some spiritual rap music and have no problem projecting my voice
    but, when sing and talk I need help…I get a little winded

  2. This is nicely explained. What is the cause of an unintentionally gritty
    middle range voice? My voice started doing that after a bunch of nyah
    exercises and the passagi are distorting, as well as all the notes above
    them (C4 to C5 is incredibly distorted and unusable).

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