How to sing Help me, Rhonda by Beach boys

Harmony tutorial
I take through the harmonies in chorus of the Beach boys hit Help me, Minor mistake Mike Loves bass vocals ends before everytime he goes up saying Rhonda instead of just Rhon.


7 thoughts on “How to sing Help me, Rhonda by Beach boys”

  1. Just what I was looking for! Great breakdown of the harmonies, and sang really well too. Cheers mate – thanks for uploading.

  2. my dreams of ever actually singing a beach boys song have just been dashed. thank you very much though. I sincerely hope you make more of these with the beach boys. I wish there were more like this!!!

  3. Sweet! I love this song and the way Al sings it and I am trying to get me and some of my singer friends do this with me at a rally at our school and I had a hard time finding Al’s harmony thanks

  4. I loved this song since I was a 13 Y.O., listening to my sister’s Beach Boy’s Endless Summer LP on the old turntable!!!! Wow! Incredible! (Thank you X1 Mil)! How did you ever figure all this out??

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