How To Sing Heavy Metal Rock Vocal Clinic With Serpent Underground Ralph Buso

Ralph Buso of Serpent Underground singing clinic Ralph teaches vocal techniques and warm ups for singers.

42 thoughts on “How To Sing Heavy Metal Rock Vocal Clinic With Serpent Underground Ralph Buso”

  1. im a girl and i was told i should sing metal because i scream well and do
    high notes well, now I’m wanting to learn how to do vocals properly because
    i literally have NO idea how to start doing it without fucking up my
    voice.gonna try these breathing techniques.

  2. @pivotzrule yes bro i know what he meant 😀 u should try to whisper and
    push more air it will sound a little like screaming i dunno how it’s sound
    heavy metal hope this help 🙂

  3. Emma Michaelsen

    hm… looks to me like that breathing is not really that well executed,
    remember people, stomach goes out when you breath in and in when you sing
    out, and nothing what so ever moves in the shoulder/chest area.

  4. Tudor Anghelina

    Guys, if you want to learn to sing, just find a classical singing
    teacher… develop classical singing for a while then go for a style that
    you like… I stayed singing classical

  5. go fuck yourself. i hate people who say shit like that. you know that
    search it because they have their own reasons and they dont want to get a
    classical dickheaded teacher. bitches like you always say stuff like that

  6. KiraPlaysGuitar

    Are you fucking retarded? If you are classically trained (not just vocally,
    I’m talking with any instrument), it opens a whole new world of music to
    you. I’ve been playing guitar for almost a decade, and was self taught,
    only recently did I start learning theory, and classical training, and I
    only regret not learning it earlier. Everyone has their own way of learning
    man. It’s not bitchy to learn. You can take that training and use it in any
    style, your way. It’s obviously not the only way…

  7. KiraPlaysGuitar

    …I wouldn’t be here if I thought it was. But there are infinite
    approaches to music. If someone SERIOUSLY can’t express themselves
    musically let alone LEARN something musically the way they want to, then
    what really is the point of getting into music in the first place? It’s
    bitches like YOU who give us MUSICIANS a hard time, and especially us METAL
    inspired musicians a BAD FUCKING RAP. Open your mind, or don’t BOTHER.

  8. Is there a program that you type in words and then the program reads it???
    But with effects like growl or something like that. Because I don’t have a
    great voice or a way to record my voice… The thing is that I want to put
    words (not lyrics) in to a song. Is that possible???

  9. You shitty fucked up mother fucker, first, I haven’t spoke shit or offended
    anyone so why are you acting like fucking redneck? Second, we “bitches”
    know how to sing without fucking up our throats. I was just giving friendly
    advice to people. Who wants to accept it, fine, who doesn’t, ignore it. I
    know what I am saying because I tried singing metal with “my own voice” and
    every time I’ve done it, I got hoarseness and a sore throat, so I trained
    with a teacher.

  10. And Moesdays, singing good, healthy and properly takes practice and time.
    If you disagree with me, bring some arguments not trash-talk. You don’t
    have to act like a fucking mallcore kiddie. Forgive me for singing in a
    manner that helps me preserve my voice for a long time and for trying to
    help out others prevent making vocal damage… I am so fucking sorry, you
    bitch ass mother fucker.

  11. You want to sing like hetfield? First learn to use DIAPHRAGM. Second learn
    how to sing without tension. After you learn those two Than it’s time for
    learning how to turn on vocal distortion (note that everyone has different
    “color” of distortion. Your distortion might be the color of hetfields like
    mine is or it might be completely different like newsteds.). Vocal
    distortion happens by using second set of vocal folds also called as false
    chords. They distort the notes we sing with main chords.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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