How To Sing Harmony – Vocal Tips For Singing Harmonies

How To Sing Harmony By Ear – Check out my how to sing harmony lesson video and discover how singing harmonies can help you fast track your ability to drastically improve your vocal skills.

How To Sing Harmony Lesson Review

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40 thoughts on “How To Sing Harmony – Vocal Tips For Singing Harmonies”

  1. i totally agree,what i do is try using your hand,firstly try shouting,then
    try singing while doing this,try doing ‘oooo’ sounds.Now calm down a
    bit,make sure the voice literally comes with alot and i mean ALOT of
    feeling,make sure you breath from your lungs and try singing a few
    phrases,this trick may work for some people,for some others it might not

  2. Rodrigo Schramm

    “I hope that’s helpful for you” Feedback: It didn’t help. At all. You just
    explained what harmony is, and told us to listen to songs and try to
    imitate it.

  3. This should be called “how to lose 3 minutes of your life” because besides
    your cool hair style and tatoos, there’s NOTHING in this video but blabla.
    Singing is about learning by doing…

  4. LilMissSonshine

    more of an intro video, doesn’t go into any examples of singing harmony &
    poorly explains the theory of a chord/triad that would be helpful towards
    singing harmony. Great thought though on getting into the biz & building
    singing experience by singing backup harmonies

  5. good stuff. the intuitive is definitely how i learned. it takes many years,
    in my opinion. put a cd in your car and first sing along with the main
    melody.. one you’ve got that, try creating your own harmonies

  6. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out
    tips on how to sing well try Grathaw Fast Sing Expert( search on google ) ?
    Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 got excellent results with

  7. Imagine that… A How To Sing video that has NO SINGING! Where were the
    examples? Saying “Oh, I just sang along and figured it out” doesn’t cut
    it! Utter waste of time!

  8. no, i know what harmony is, and i know how to sing perfectly on key. i just
    need to know how i can avoid “jumping” into the melody as a bass or even
    the alto parts

  9. If you want to learn how to sing well, it isn’t about perfectly reproducing the performance of another performer; it’s about putting your own spin on a song that fits your unique sound.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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