How to Sing Happy Birthday in Navajo

In this video, I share with you how to sing the “Happy Birthday” song in the Navajo language.

To see the lyrics, you have to have annotations turned on! Below the Navajo lyrics are a literal translation of the words into English, rather than a re-iteration of the English lyrics.

This song is sung is written to be more understood by the elderly, and gives an insight to how the verbs change due to how many people are singing the song. It is hard to translate “Happy Birthday” in Navajo. To translate it literally, it doesn’t make sense to the elderly.

I’d like to thank my father, Pastor Everett Teller, who played the guitar for me. Thanks dad!

Nidizhchíiji Ánááhoolzhiizhígíí Baa Shił Hózhó (Happy Birthday) to everyone who shares their birthday with me, & Happy Birthday if today (the day you’re watching this vid) is your birthday.

20 thoughts on “How to Sing Happy Birthday in Navajo”

  1. You should upload the Spongebob song.I dont remember the exact title of it.BUUUT I pretty much listen to it everytime I travel.I think it was Primo who sang it.the chorus was
    “Spongebob,Spongebob come out of.out of the water.I’ll show you where my toys are at.Share all my candy with you.Spongebob Spongebob come out of.out of the water.” If you could upload it.OR even find it for me I will be like wayyyy greatful!

  2. Thanks for the song! Today is KGHR Navajo Public Radio’s Birthday! We’re sharing your song on Facebook and Twitter. We want to tag you. What are your Facebook and Twitter accts? This is Jim Anderson, Station Mgr. You can send me a message on KGHR’s FB page or YouTube.

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