How to Sing Gospel Music (with a natural rasp)

Just a few tips that have helped me over the last two weeks. I’ve seen major improvement!


19 thoughts on “How to Sing Gospel Music (with a natural rasp)”

  1. Jerrod Matthews

    This was really good….I really appreciate you taking the time to post
    this….I have been experiencing the same exact thing, and I really gain a
    lot from this.

  2. There’s a hoarse feeling that you will have initially but after a sometime
    you’re voice will get stronger over time!

  3. You should stop talking and start singing! You’ve a beautiful voice. ‘Come
    into his presence with singing’ ­čÖé

  4. hi, could you to write a summary about the explanation because I’m spanish
    and it┬┤s hard for me to understand your video, thanks

  5. Can you please do a video lesson on how to do squalling, like you showed
    for example on 9:24. I’m also into gospel singing and would love to learn
    that technique.

  6. Elder J. Allen

    God has truly blessed you with Ava some voice…..check out some of my
    vids at RPMinistries introduction video´╗┐

  7. marquis halsell

    thank you… i have a lot of rasp too… i’m learning how to work my way
    through it too… but i’m getting much better @ it… but thank you for
    more tips… trying to become even more better this year´╗┐

  8. I’m a Tenor in church choir group for Sunday worship service and mid
    rehseral sometimes we get. My choir director tell me I get nervous thouigh
    sometimes telling me I need to realx that I drag the words. I need to work
    on fixing do you know how I can improve in those areas? I been trying to
    figure out what I can be doing in my voice on how I can fix it if you know
    any advice or need me to send mp3 of my singing maybe through e-mail thanks
    great videos on why ask.´╗┐

  9. Vocal control (i.e. making your vocal chords reliably produce the note you want them to) is important, but your voice is actually only about 20% of the challenge of singing in tune.

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