How To Sing Girl Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Tutorial

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Learn how to sing Girl vocal harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Girl Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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43 thoughts on “How To Sing Girl Beatles Vocal Harmony Lesson Tutorial”

  1. You have an incredible voice and your tutorial is very well done. I play
    piano, so I can appreciate your talent. Pleasure to my ears. Bravo, bravo,
    bravo!! Well done. Thank you so much!!

  2. siempre me cautivo el “tit” , me parece encantadora la armonia en sus
    partes y a traves de ti pude escuchar y aprender esa tecnica exelente
    ,muchas gracias ,te admiro y mucho

  3. Man your videos are the best. I can’t believe you know The Beatles as well
    as you do. Well, not the “Beatles” but their incredible harmonies. The
    Beatles are the best band ever and they will live forever. Keep the good
    work up and remember don’t listen to haters.

  4. Simplesmente, a melhor interpretação dos Beatles que já ouvi.
    Suas aulas são muito didáticas e, por isso, fácil de aprender.
    See you later,aligator. Thank you very mutch.

  5. javier de lasala

    As you have worked on practically all The Beatles songs, why don’t you try
    it with The Beach Boys songs as suggested before by another guy? The Beach
    Boys created great harmonies with the hands of Brian Wilson….

  6. Paulo Roberto Rodrigues

    Hallo! Galleazzo Frudua!! Your videoclass is simply fantastic. You’re
    helpning people for all the world. I am sorry but my English is very
    short. I hope you understand me. Congratulations from Brasil.

  7. Hi, Galeazzo, I’m from Brazil. And I’m sharing at Facebook some of your
    videos and marking friends to know your nice job.
    I love Beatles, I just have gone to a Paul concert here in São Paulo this
    week, and I’ve decided to post In My Life in my Facebook to talk about the
    show. While I was looking for that video on facebook, I found your In My
    Life vocal video version. I was so amazed that I started immediately to
    watch a lot of your videos just to know better your job. At the end, I’ve
    posted Barbara Ann, lol… Anyway, today I’ve finally posted your In My
    Life version, recommending your job to some friends.
    Well, thank you a lot and… Bravo, Galeazzo! Bravo! :)

  8. That “leaning” that you speak of, otherwise known as a type of vocal
    phrasing and timing in relation to the tempo was a signature talent of
    Frank Sinatra. He learned a lot about vocal phrasing while working with
    Tommy Dorsey and later with Harry James. It’s was very common of horn
    players to utilize that style and Sinatra did it better than anyone!!

  9. I love all your Beatles videos, Galeazzo, but I have to ask you: how can
    you tell which Beatle is singing what? I have listened to them for 50 years
    and I can’t tell–especially on the harmonies and double-tracks. How can
    you tell?

  10. Mayco Bolivar Sanchez

    Hey, I play guitar and Im interested in learning more about vocal harmonies
    like those and from other bands. Like those bands from the 50s… Any
    suggestions on what singers should I listen to if I want to learn something
    about those interpretation techniques? Thanks

  11. Alexander Krause

    Hey man, first thanx for your fantastic videos and help for covering
    beatles music. In this song / case i have a comment. I am playing in a
    beatles coverband and we had a little bit discussion. I think, the
    backgroundpart: de de de de and so on, ends on 2 halftones or maybe
    quartertone steps …. so … de de de up de de down de de. Im nearly
    shure thats going this way. Well, it seems thats not so important, but i
    think, this gives the hole thing a little slight of untuned colour. Its the
    salt in the background 😉 What do you think about? Best regards

  12. Hi Galeazzo! Great work as always. As you know, Cynthia Lennon passed away
    recently, and in the news reports they say John never wrote a song for her.
    However, I seem to remember seeing an interview with her many years ago,
    where she says that Girl was about her.

  13. Ferienwohnung Galtür

    One of the best performance! I’m a big Beatles Fan and I play a lot of this
    songs. I looked for “how to play …. with guitar” but the single voices I
    never found! Since yesterday I found your channel. Thanks a lot! Great

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  15. Danielle Herring

    You do not only sing awfully but worse – you can cause a permanent damage to your vocal the limited vocal range is detected, you can expand this for improvement via vocal exercises.

  16. Having trained and qualified in Speech Level Singing, under world class vocal tutors, Laura uses exercises that are specifically designed to subtley negotiate, strengthen or smooth any voice type – and with patience, practice and persistence, the results can be completely transforming.

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