How to Sing from your Diaphragm – Singing Tips

How to Sing from your Diaphragm – Singing Tips

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This video shows how you can maximize the use of your diaphragm to achieve powerful and beautiful vocal tones in your voice.

Find out the exercise that you can use to practice “Correct Breathing Techniques” that engages your diaphragm. Understand how you can expand the rib cage while breathing in.

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38 thoughts on “How to Sing from your Diaphragm – Singing Tips”

  1. Music Man's Ladies Band

    Hi Kerri, really enjoyed your video. Thank you for breaking it down,
    clearing up and explaining the correct terminology. This information will
    be helpful! 

  2. beatles freakk

    I thought you were supposed to voluntarily tense the intercostal muscles
    immediately after you’ve inhaled?? Most videos say you have to squeeze the
    muscles around your rib cage… I’m confused

  3. Nice tip. Just have 1 question. How does using the diaphragm and
    strengthening it help with our singing coordination? Like how do we connect
    the diaphragm with singing?

  4. pinkaddiction13

    you are a godsend!!!! I’m getting ready to go to my first singing audition
    and i’ve always been so confused with this!!!

  5. Hi kerri. I am good at Breathing and SSSS Exercise but while singing my
    voice still sounds empty and light . And I am thinking that I am Maximised
    my diaphragm but I am not .. Please help mw with more tips .. Thank you

  6. I think the title should be “how to BREATH with the support of your
    diaphragm” not “How to SING from your diaphragm”.

  7. Football Events

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  9. I have a beautiful voice. However I’m not to sure what kind of songs to
    sing. What range? Could you shine some light on that…what kinds of song
    do you like to sing?

  10. Fantastic video — but might I ask that you be clearer in something. You
    can’t correct semantics if you don’t use them yourself >.< Vocal cords are not "cords" at all, they're folds. I'm sure you know that, but your viewers may not. Understanding how your vocal folds work and that they actually sit running horizontally might be helpful. 🙂 Cheers.

  11. hi kerri, watch your video,thanks for the tips.I am not just interested to
    really learn the techniques singing well but also would also like very much
    to know now u personally as a friend too ,unless of course,u already have
    someone or am paulngcw

  12. Joshua Jakosalem

    Imma use your tips to audition for the voice kids in the philippines. If i
    get in I thank you for all the lessons

  13. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho

    How to Sing from your Diaphragm – Singing Tips

    #HowToSing #SingFromYourDiaphragm #SingingTips

  14. mE-lone tAcKmOsYu

    i hav daipharagm support buh i use it to much i get tired fast……… can
    uh please give some tips about it…………. :)

  15. i dont think the biology side of things is correct here our diaphragm
    contracting and relaxing is actually what pulls the air in and out (with
    help from the muscles on our ribs) so it is literally what we breathe with.
    The lungs are where the gaseous exchange takes place but the air going in
    and out is down to the diaphragm. the diaphragm is a lot lower than what
    you said and it doesnt flatten because the ribs expand, the ribs don even
    expand, the chest cavity does (you would not want your ribs to expand
    because they are supposed to be attached). Thee diaphragm flattens because
    its contracting and that happens every time we take a breath, we wouldnt be
    breathing otherwise because the diaphragm contracting is what pulls air in.
    it doesnt just happen if you breathe a certain way which is what you seem
    to be implying here. I dont know about the abdominal muscles but the other
    things i do know.

  16. Hi! My name is Chloe, and I was wondering if you could help me.
    I am a singer, and I know how to sing correctly, however lately I have been
    having some trouble.

    First of all, when I use my diaphragm I can’t seem to keep it supported for
    long. And it hurts to use it as well. I’m in a competitive show choir, soo
    being able to keep strong breath support is essential, as you may guess. 😉

    And the second thing is my break. I am not sure if this is normal or not
    but I seem to have more than one breaking point in my voice.
    I am really struggling with getting through them without sounding like a
    dying goat or something.

    Again, being in a competitive show choir means you need to be able to sing
    extremely well. And I used to be a good singer, but now I am really
    struggling. Please can you help me?

  17. Could we please explain how the diaphragm is described as being used for
    support of sound when singing or playing a wind instrument when it can only
    function as a muscle to use for inhalation? Is it that we are furthering a
    term for the purposes of conceptual visualization when it is not
    anatomically correct?

  18. It helped me wonderfully well!!!!!!!!!!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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