How To Sing – Fastest Way To Improve Your Voice Part 4 – Creating Dynamics

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40 thoughts on “How To Sing – Fastest Way To Improve Your Voice Part 4 – Creating Dynamics”

  1. I’m just your average shower-curtain singer, but I love these videos! This
    one, especially, was a revelation. I grew up in a home where, let’s say, a
    “measured” voice was necessary so I learned to speak (and therefore sing)
    at one volume! When I did the exercise in the video, WOW! How instantly
    freeing! Got it!

  2. this is great info.. however please help me,, i have beeen a pro singer for
    many years and have always sung effortlessly,, i need some advice about my
    vouce,, i now feel i have larengitis all the time.. and i have recently had
    my vocal chords looked at and was told they are in pristine condition!
    please help.. i dont need to learn how to sing. im 48 years old and sung
    since i was 6 years old..i know how to do all you say above,, but its the
    condition of my voice that is my problem. can you help?

  3. hey could you guys take a look at my video i need help maby you vcould here
    exactly wat i need its on my channel the song is called slow buy jammie fox
    thx 😉

  4. Singing Success | Brett Manning Studios

    Sorry for any delay. We’re still commenting and responding as much as we
    can. We’re always striving to bring you guys the best in vocal training.
    Check out our new Q&A video with Brett Manning we just posted!

  5. Always great information from you Brett! Keep it up. All us singing coaches
    love to share great singing techniques and what we’re learning from you is
    great teaching. 🙂

  6. for as little as I am I try my best to song but I get confused on the head
    voice chest voice your nose bridge all the vibrating I don’t get it still
    im very confused ofcourse I also don’t have a voice teacher

  7. chocolateface53

    i get really distracted by other people who sing next to me. I listen to
    their voice then try to match pitch without thinking about it. Tips?

  8. Stephen McIntosh

    I’m trying to achieve that really light almost head voice sounding quality
    that Brett has when he is singing soft, how do I do that?

  9. i am 14 and i am a really bad singer my voice is quite deep for a girl and
    i am rubbish at singing i don’t understand anything you have said i can’t
    even do it can you help me with any advice or not? x

  10. your voice mite still be growing start easy then go big get a strong base
    before starting breathing warm up and start with easy tone then work from
    there 🙂 hope i helped

  11. dear brett when i’m doing lip roll my voice goes to falsetto without my
    Purpose.and i can’t really figured out whats its difference with making
    sound without lip lip roll i have the same tension when i make
    sound in high notes without it! help me please!.. 🙁

  12. Kids can even be taught fundamental musicianship abilities which embody the ability to grasp rhythmic counting, information of scales and even some elemental music idea, by becoming a member of a choir.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...