How to Sing Fast Adlibs, Runs and Riffs -Tyshan Knight

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41 thoughts on “How to Sing Fast Adlibs, Runs and Riffs -Tyshan Knight”

  1. You are a wonderful person and you explain exactly the way I understand
    emblishments…thank you very much.How can I write to you …I need some
    classes. Big Hug!!

  2. I’m from Argentina thanks much your lessons serve me I would like to learn
    more singing three years ago but I need to drop more voice when I sing

  3. YES, thank-you!!! I finally got this riff down by the end of the video,
    I’ll be incorporating this into some of my songs now!

  4. Great job Tyshan… I just started watching & subscribing to you a few wks
    ago… bravo!!! Looking forward to more!

  5. Just want to say THANK YOU for the great lessons. You’re method of
    teaching is working wonders on my voice and is easy to follow. :-)

  6. Muchos Gracias. Hopefully with practice itll make perfect but thanks to you
    I at least have improved.

  7. Sophia Bolden

    You are a blessing I was just saying I need a vocal coach and ran into your
    youtube channel you have a beautiful voice btw and I love your music God
    bless you I wish I can meet with you in person for some lessons 

  8. Only us black people – we are so creative and colourful. We put our own
    stamp on music and make music sweet.

  9. please instruct on how to hit low notes when you’re a do you
    effectively and with strength use your breath?

  10. Jenny of Oldstones

    Your voice is like silk…..awesome tutorial. Believe it or not, I’m trying
    these techniques to help me with the faster passages in Mozart’s requiem! 

  11. You are a really good teacher tyshan please keep it up god bless you and
    people just do exactly what he said repeat repeat until you get better its
    practise and it took weeks or month to get it just do it !!!! repeat and
    hard practise Is the key for succes :)

  12. danurjati rajasa

    God Bless You Tyshan with your voice. Thank you so much for these
    lessons… Have tried all my life doing this but when I saw your videos it
    helped me develop better. Im no singer what so ever but it feels good when
    you can master this…

  13. bro when u gonna post more bids been seen all these bro I no u may b busy
    or distracted BT com on bro….

  14. Singing (Pop/Folk/Musical Theatre), Also I can train you to accompany yourself on guitar or piano (simple-music studying not obligatory), Also harmony work/small groups or choirs welcome.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...