How to sing Drive My Car Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies

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Learn how to sing Drive my car vocal harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Drive my car Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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42 thoughts on “How to sing Drive My Car Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies”

  1. Galezzo, I am American and notice instantly English is not your home
    language, BUT, I certainly tip my hat to your attention to detail in these
    songs. You are able to find the tiny nuances in harmony and pitch shift
    that only a tech looks for. GREAT JOB. Please do not think I am
    criticizing. Record your speaking voice and listen to the way you say “Back
    again”. You say “Beck again”. If you can Iron out these tone inflections
    you would be awesome.

  2. yes, John sings the lower and Paul sings the higher, as in 99% of beatles
    songs. If you check Gale’s rendition of come together, you’ll find it’s the
    opposite 🙂

  3. The Beatles Vocal Harmony

    Thank you and glad being of help. I will post a video on singing The
    Beatles and I have several singing lesson in this channel and on my other
    channel learnvocalharmony check it tou!

  4. Rod Thorn. I know you said you are not criticizing, and you are praising
    Galezzo for his amazing talent, but I find your comment bizarre &
    pointless. English is perhaps his second language. Of course he will
    pronounce his words slightly differently. You probably sound your words
    slightly differently to Liverpudlian English and English is your first (&
    probably only)language. It’s really all about the pitch.When you can sing
    in Italian without any hint of an accent, then perhaps you may comment.

  5. i don’t know if you knew this, but… well.. when you sing paul voice you
    look like all of your corporal energy go high, is comprensible, but is
    easier reach the note if you imagine that you’re singing a lower note. in a
    mccartney concert of 1965 i think, when he reach the: yesterdaaay!!! on F
    note, he move all his head up, just like you do. But in a 80s concert.. i
    think, in that yesterday, he put his head like proyecting down, and it
    seems that he reach the note easier.

  6. fabulous breakdown of this great driving song (get it?)….one of my
    favorites also. One I love is Dr. Robert…I’ve been working that one out
    “solo”. Say, you don’t live in Austin, Texas do you?…I do a lot of
    Beatles and produce music here, just curious. Keep rockin’…!!

  7. wow, someone who hears what I hear! Thanks for the vids! Nice to get
    confirmation on the mental breakdown I’ve done on these songs!

  8. Hi there , are there any videos of you showing guitar chords as well !???
    Besides this you are doing an amazing job. Well done. Beatlesfully Elmar

  9. me and my band upgrade so much because of you thanks a lot !!! You make it
    easy and very understandable thanks !!

  10. Ulises De la Torre


  11. Do you have a video to show how to play the guitar on Drive my Car? If not
    could you please make one? It would really help me a lot. Thanks!!!

  12. Galeazzo, your channel helps me a lot to understand the harmonies.
    Everytime I remember or listen to a Beatles song and I get curious to know
    how each of their vocals sound in the harmony, I come here and I find your
    videos, showing exactly what I want to see on their harmonies, so well
    done! Congratulatios and thank you!

  13. Baby you can drive my karrr 🙂 Lovely harmonies but here is a lesson on the
    pronunciation of car. Try “father’s car is a jaguar and pa drives rather
    fast” ‘a’ sounds like ‘aw’ e.g. “fawther’s cawr is a jaguar and paw
    drives rawther fawst” :)

  14. I know this video is a little old, but if I’m not mistaken, in the verse
    the lower vocal is actually George. Nothing big just wanted to let you
    know. The chorus is right, just the verse…

  15. Korobein Aris

    I had a hard time with this one, specially with Paul’s. You’re amazing
    Galleazo, thanks for showing us how awesome are The Beatles. Greetings from
    Argentina. PD: Sorry, my english is not the best.

  16. JOhn WHiteClouD

    Galeazzo, the harmony in the verses are sung by Paul also. That’s not
    John’s voice in a thousand years! This is not a criticism to your great
    work, just an interesting note ….Paul was starting to take over and
    become one man band … he started doing all the harmonies by himself more
    and more. Cheers!

  17. Fausto Ramos Lugo

    Using your advive, I made my cover of this same song, check it out in my
    youtube chanel, you can find it like Drive my car The Beatles Fausto Ramos,
    greetings from Mexicali.

  18. Remember, in contrast to for traditional professions, there is no fixed reply of the question, how long does it take to become a singer.

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