How To Sing Circles By Pierce The Veil! (Post-Hardcore/Pop Punk Vocal Lesson)


It’s good to be back 😉

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23 thoughts on “How To Sing Circles By Pierce The Veil! (Post-Hardcore/Pop Punk Vocal Lesson)”

  1. Do you have any tips for people with lower set voices? I’m trying to expand
    my range, but at the moment I can’t sing past a G4, and I really start
    sounding bad after an E4, but of course most of the music I like have
    really high set voices. What are some ways I can sing the type of music I
    love, but without being a tenor.

  2. This was super helpful, especially how you emphasized the breath. Do you
    think though that you can go more in depth with breathing? Like idk ive
    been having trouble with that lately and have looked around a bunch here
    for videos on breathing for singing, and maybe im thinking about it too
    much but, im trying to tense my stomach and focus on breath in so many ways
    but nothings working, i still get vocal fatigue and i just don’t know like
    exactly what the sensation is supposed to feel like and its so frustrating.
    Maybe im thinking about it too much but idk. Also THE ORIGINAL STUFF AT THE
    END SOUNDS UNREAL OMG I’m soo excited to hear more, it sounds freaking
    solid like wow

  3. If my talking voice is at an A2-A#2 and I struggle to get to an A4 (my
    highest note) do you think it’s possible to sing this or anything else by
    PTV? The intro note to Spooks by Dance Gavin Dance is an A4 and I can sing
    that pretty well but I can feel a lot of tension when I hit that A4

  4. PierceTheAngel j

    Hey man, still watching this a lotttt. But I realized something, and it’s
    more of a request, and I know you’re a busy man so it’s understandable if
    you can’t, but would you consider doing Today I Saw The Whole World by
    Pierce The Veil one day? I think it would be great to learn and see what
    techniques you use for that song 😀 Please and Thank you!

  5. i really like this! you should make more individual lessons for pierce the
    veil songs. you’re voice suits them and they’re my favorite band haha.
    cheers my dude!

  6. Yeeeeeeeah new videoo, I’m sooo glad you’re back maan. Congrats for your
    song recording, looking forward to listen to those!! A quick request: Could
    you make a short “tip” video on how to recognize a good singing teacher?
    That would be helpful for the us that just can’t sing yet :)

  7. Doug, can you do subtitles for you videos?
    Sometimes i dont understand, you know, my english isn’t the best xD
    Thank you for all your videos.
    Greetings from Uruguay :3

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