How To Sing Chris Robinson – Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels – Coach Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy

How To Sing Chris Robinson – Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels – Coach Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy

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37 thoughts on “How To Sing Chris Robinson – Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels – Coach Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy”

  1. hi ken,this is one of my favorite black crowes songs ,she talks to angels
    you sing this song so beautifully as you always do: well done ken you sound like chris,would be nice to have more black crowes.
    you hit all the right notes you rock ken.
    From Tracey in ENGLAND its not rain but very bad snow :):)

  2. Great song, great interpretation. I would love it if you could do Gone by The Black Crowes as well. I already sing it and I would love some tips; plus it’s a wicked tune and really fun to sing 🙂

  3. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    That was not my intention however I don’t hold him with the same regard as a Stevie Wonder, A Lou Gramm, A Paul Rodgers etc. That may be what you are sensing.

  4. Well, you are the pro, but Chris’ vocals (to my ear) are superior to those of Stevie Wonder, who I believe is about as overrated as an artist as there is. Some of my favorites (John Lennon, Otis Redding, Morrissey) are not necessarily what might be considered the “best” in a purely scientific/objective way, but are far more interesting to listen to or watch. I’m not arguing with you of course, and thanks for the videos!

  5. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    I love Otis too, Wilson Pickett as well but I would not compare them to Lennon who was more of a singer songwriter than a singer. I mention Stevie because of his long term track record for success….

  6. He’s fantastic soulful singer, he spans all American genres. Your take was technical as always, it’s good but it’s like Bon Jovi/Nickelback doing The Black Crowes. Check: Chris Robinson cover Close To You (Carpenters) here. It’s for music lovers. Music is about mistakes too. Also, talking about best vocalists, you did not do two of them. Otis Redding and Little Richard:)

  7. thanks again for doing the cobain one… i was thinkn, a great one would be a tutorial on Frank Black (Black Francis) from The Pixies. Such a unique voice and particularly the song “hey” off the ‘doolittle’ album.
    best wishes,
    Phil .

  8. i’ve seen quite a few of your how sing like “x” and enjoy them. i love how you are smiling all the time during the songs and sounding so positive. it shows you really love what you do. i enjoy your technical breakdown of all the singers.

  9. KyleCarrington

    Blue eyed Peas hahahhahahahhahha Awesome. Great job Ken. Even beyond the incredible singing, I love watching your releases – getting that warp drive of positivity for my day. Rock On

  10. The problem is, what Chris has is something that can’t be taught. He has tremendous “feel” for what he’s singing. It’s not about hitting all the notes; it’s about making the listener believe in what you are trying to convey. Chris does this as well as anyone. You can practice it all you want but you’ll never get it. Kind of like Keith Richards licks on guitar, you can study them ll you want; but, you will never sound like him. That’s what makes it special.

  11. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    “…but, you will never sound like him.” That’s why the video is called how to “sing like” (in the style of) not “sound like” …immitate

  12. Maybe you should mention that it’s probably not a good idea to sing a song about heroin addiction like you’re on Prozac. Try not smiling; that might help 🙂

  13. That’s interesting. And of course you are entitled to your opinion, which is surely more informed than 99.9% of people who are posting here.
    To me what makes CR an amazing singer is his voice, feel for music, songwriting, charisma, scenic presence.

    I guess you were commenting on the technical side of it only?
    I was wondering what you think CR is missing to get to a higher level – range, power, something else? – and if you were willing to share that.

    Thanks in advance

  14. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    I agree, I really like Chris. (it’s why I did a track by him). I was only referring to the technical side in fact he’s one of the only white guys (maybe next to Bolton) who could take on an Otis song and drive it home. His abdominal approach to his support will cost him power and range over time. (and aready has). I wish this wasn’t true because he’s extremely talented and oozing with soul.

  15. Hi ken,this is one of my favorite black crowes songs Angles ,ken you sing this song so very well …loved when you got the giggles ,hope you do more songs by chris

  16. great voice but not even close to Chris Robinson….you sound way to rehearsed. Way over punctuated. Chris is laid back, in the pocket and soulful. This was not…Again not nocking your ability you have a great voice…just sayin’ 

  17. Listen to this as copy of C.R and yes you will be disappointed BUT as an original interpretation it’s pretty gutsy and cool.Well done I say.
    (considering Ken is a baritone)
    Chris Robinson is a tenor more similar to Rod Stewart IMHO than Steve Marriot
    (who is a low Tenor& BTW  Ken is a baritone)
    Ken may not be the most amazing singer in the world BUT HE IS UP THERE which you would know if you(as i have)had spent the last several years exploring your voice and puttin in the hours.
    Comon guys he is singing out of his element most of the time ( plus he is about 85 lol sorry Ken-just jokes!)

  18. listened again.2:40 – 3;00 is made me forget that it wasn’t your song.
    One thing I’ll say to all you would be singers out there.
    Do you sing songs from start to finish?
    Like he says all the other teachers just do typical exercises but don’t sing.
    This guy CAN sing…he’s in a studio with a backing track…imagine if he was live with a band and they had practiced and played it dozens of times…
    Use the power of contrast people.

  19. The aging process also affects the voice. As our muscle mass and the thickness and moisture of our mucous membranes decreases due to aging, our voices become softer & thinner and our vocal stamina decreases. As of the time of this video
    Chris’s voice has changed but it’s still as soulful as ever. Chris’s voice goes through me as does Stings. Very soulful- (from the soul).

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