How To Sing Better- Useful Tips on Ad-Libs

Do you have challenges with ad-libs when singing? In this video I did with a very special guest and friend Brittany, you’ll find very valuable tips that will take you to the next level with your singing generally.

Don’t forget, you as a soloist are in charge. You arrange how you want to do your Adlibs the way you think is best for you. It’s all about good judgement. You can attack the song immediately with high range adlibs but remember, if it is a 3 or 4mins song, you are giving a lot away already. You can even sing your Adlibs over your backups and this requires more focus because you are going to be singing a slightly different melody from what they are singing.

Listen often to how other good singers do their Adlibs.

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5 thoughts on “How To Sing Better- Useful Tips on Ad-Libs”

  1. Stephanie Annie Helena Morrison

    Out of key , you tell people that can’t ad lib, can’t sing. To me, people
    who ad lib too much try to hide the fact that they can’t hold a note.
    That’s a horrible method of teaching. A bit of both is good, but I would be
    focusing mainly on diaphragm and anchoring- those techniques are what makes
    a true singing.


    Thanks for your comment Stephanie. You have a good point there, too much of
    it is not good anyway, whether they can hold a note or not because it will
    make that part of the music sound sort of messy. It’s just like someone
    wearing seven watches at the same time. Ad-libbing should be done
    tastefully and sparingly, not too much. I have had someone tell me that she
    don’t sing because usually when she gets to the ad lib part she usually
    don’t know what to do, so she’d rather not sing at all. As with every
    field, there are people who are just naturally good at ad-libbing and don’t
    need to work on it. But, for others, practicing ad-libbing can form part of
    a regular vocal practice program and also be included in vocal coaching

  3. poor girl.. you can learn and know how to make a paper plane..But if you
    knew how to fly since birth then don’t let anyone tell you how to take off.

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