HOW TO SING – BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE – Original Version – VOLUME 3 – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

HOW TO SING – BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE – Original Version – VOLUME 3 – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Learn High Range Singing from someone who can actually show you, not just tell you.
I physically demonstrate the art of high range BELTING – WAILING.
Get way more range, power, stamina, better pitch and stop going hoarse.
Easy to understand instruction.
Learn from someone who can actually show you!

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Ken Tamplin
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40 thoughts on “HOW TO SING – BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE – Original Version – VOLUME 3 – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    @perla253008 everything I do is based in Bel Canto / Appoggio technique.

    All my DVD’s are an extension of that with the volume turned up on pushing that envelope to it’s maximum.

  2. Hi ken, a question about the program: What if you are already a singer and performing live, and you want to start from Volume1 and work through, is there a transition period where you kind of have to deconstuct everything and build it back up again?

  3. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Hi Gary,

    That’s a good question.

    Mt answer would be in many cases yes. However I wouldn’t use the term deconstruct, I would use the term un-learn bad habits. The good thing is, seasoned singers have many advances in their signing like pitch, some control, some tone etc.. The key is to get much more out of them and to go far beyond where they were able to take themselves.

  4. I Really need to get the program; I’ve been working hard on all areas of my technique using two really good books (“The Complete Vocal Workout” by Roger Kain, and “Singing And The Actor” by Gillyanne Kayes) I am pleased with my progress, but think I am now at the limit of where I can take myself. Your youtube videos are also a massive help Ken!

  5. id be interested in hearing your take on how to sing like kurt cobain. im surprised i didnt see a video of that.

  6. sir can u plz help me for my this proble “how do i co ordinate with melody or let’s say with note i sound better when i start but i have problem with co ordination between my melodies plz plz plz help me”

  7. Do you stick your tongue out on purpose as part of a technique or is it something that you, yourself naturally do. Thanks

  8. Lim Leong Huat

    Ken . I am very impressed by your singing. Is there any difference in singing techniques for English songs and for those of the Chinese? I have taken the liberty to upload and share your lessons on my Facebook for a group of singing enthusiasts.

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      There is no  difference in the support mechanism however there is definietly a difference in the way the vowels are modified. I cover this in my Mandarin translation version of my singing course. YOu can find it on the home page at

    2. Lim Leong Huat

      Hi Ken, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. It is my honour to hear from you. Do you mind if we add you to our Singing Fraternity Group based in Singapore.. You may post and share your advice, comments and advertisement regarding singing lessons there. Singing Fraternity is an open group for singing enthusiasts, many of which are Chinese recoding artists and professional singers performing in events and Chinese coaches. Hope you can get some students there to learn from you. Let me know if we had the honour to add you there so that I can announce the good news to fellow members! 

    3. Lim Leong Huat

      By the way, the Karaoke World Championship 2014 (Finland base) is conducting auditions in Singapore. Many of the participants are good singers in English songs. I hope KWC’s agent in Singapore can invite you to sit in as a Judge to grace its 2014 Grand Final Competition in Singapore.  

    4. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      +Lim Leong Huat Thanks Lim. I am asked to sit on various TV show panels as a judge and appreciate the offer but at this time I am not able to do that but I appreciate the consideration 🙂

    5. Lim Leong Huat

      Thank you again Ken for taking your busy time to reply. Our Singing Fraternity is an open group open to singing enthusiasts to interact, exchange views, make friends and to go tour together. We would be very honoured really to see you drop by at our site to say “Hello”. If you have any students who would like to make new friends or looking forward to sing and participate in our members activities, they can join us at:

  9. Bob Hohenberger

    These are small excerpts from the introduction to KTVA Volume 3 of Ken Tamplin’s How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else vocal lessons.  You’ll learn how to sing the High Notes, how to sing with safe vocal distortion and grit, how to prevent blowing out your voice, and how to sing with great tone!  These singing lessons are the best way to learn high range singing from someone who can actually show you how, not just talk about it.  Watch Ken’s demos of hundreds of songs by all genres of artists.  The proof is in the singing!  Go to to learn more, or go to and join with thousands of other vocalists to join in and learn more about singing!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...