How to Sing Better in 4 Minutes

Learn how to sing better in under 5 minutes.






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40 thoughts on “How to Sing Better in 4 Minutes”

  1. you are amaotivazing, i feel intimidated by your motivation, i feel as if
    you are going to pop out the video scared no, but at the samr while fuel l
    a citric – recently juiced from a ma

  2. Alexandria McReynolds

    the video is the minutes, the title says 4 minutes, and the opening says 5
    minutes… i am cunfused. (I know the vid is 3:54 but whatever)

  3. Trisha Kulkarni

    what the hell!!! ur soo beautiful n cute n sing really well!!! do you teach
    singing!!! cz the way you were doing like so happy n getting excited its a
    sign of a teacher!!! n last but not the least ur to cute!! 😘😘will surely
    try this!!!

  4. I honestly don’t see how this is gonna help me. I’m trying to sing like
    Ronnie Radke idk if this is going to work at all…

  5. please can you help me I tried to sign in but didn’t receive any message am
    a new choir member I want to train my voice the tips you gave was actually
    good but I need more tips please I really love you nice voice and I need
    your help too

  6. I did the mirror thing…..and it shattered. Don’t know if it was my face
    or my off key approach that you did not talk about.

  7. Thainks that actually worked!🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎼🎼😱😱🏆🏆👏👏😍😍

  8. Seeing that you reply to comments, I hope you can reply to mine. So growing
    up I played basketball as it was my only talent. But now i want to start
    something new which is singing. Whenever I sing my voice seems too deep and
    raspy and nasal tone. I’m not aiming to hit really high notes, but atleast
    sing with a clear natural voice. Is this even possible? I feel like girls
    and boys who have natural high pitch voice can sing with ease….. If you
    can, please give me (us) some tips? Also people told me to do the “Do re mi
    fa so la ti do” and lay down with a book on your stomach and sing
    methods….. I just don’t know anymore! ):

  9. Lovely Dominique

    When u started to sing I was like I can’t do that then I did it and I was
    like wow I can do it

  10. Neoncatmeow 2004

    I have more of a deep voice when I sing but I can go high it just doesn’t
    sound as good….

  11. loveanna carranza

    Thank you this really helped when I normally tried to sing my voice was
    really squicky but now it’s more deeper

  12. Peter Williams


  13. But if you can uh, just understand some basics about what’s really going on. It is really about the vocal fold closure and that’s easiest to do with understanding adduction.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...