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37 thoughts on “How To Sing Better For Guys Part 3 – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. Hey Ken! Was doing some covers with a friend of mine and at one point he
    told me my voice was really nasal. My voice isn’t nasal when speaking
    I have had some success in eliminating some of that nasality by trying to
    keep an open throat, but it’s kinda dependent on the song I’m trying to
    sing and which notes I’m hitting. Would your program, by itself, help with
    this problem?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Bob Hohenberger

    How To Sing Better For Guys – PART 3!!! This is the AWESOME CONCLUSION to
    the 3-Part Series, How To Sing Better For Guys! Great vocal tips and

  3. Indy The Great

    Does Brian May use mixed voice when singing 39? It sure sounds like it, but
    he could be belting too. Listen to the chorus (don’t you hear my call)


  4. Rotter Tube Reef

    great vid as always. I have the lessons and they’re great but i got
    discouraged. i need to try again.

  5. This is an amazing voice! If i practice enough i can sing this high even if
    my voice is pretty low/bass ??( sorry for bad english) hope you understood
    my question

  6. Hey Ken, first off i just wanna start this by saying that these videos have
    helped me a lot so far, so thank you very much. Now, my ultimate goal is to
    be able to sing in the same style as Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell. and Layne
    Staley WITHOUT sounding like them but rather in my own unique singing
    voice. My question to you is, how would i go about doing this? and what
    should i do to practice? Also i want to be able to sing with my full
    potential and without holding back. On a side note i have been learning and
    practicing singing when i had just turned 15 in september and im about to
    turn 16. (i have noticed my voice is higher than i would like, is this
    because my voice is still devolouping? and will it eventually mature and
    become a little deeper?) If you can offer me any advice id very much
    appreciate it and i look foward to future videos, thanks a bunch and rock
    on. m/ +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  7. William Jordan

    Is there a way to choose different phonemes than the ones you use……
    just saying…being a Christian, I have a hard time mentally saying those
    phonemes….. thanks….

  8. miqdam alkayyis

    Can’t do mix voice well , maybe for 15 years old boy like me, it’s
    difficult, should i waiting or keep on practicing?

  9. Hi!
    Do you still check for vocal samples we send in?
    I sent one in previously and im not sure if its already been seen.

  10. Hello Ken, thank you for this. I have a question which is not connected to
    your video but I must ask you: Could you, please, share your Lost Horizon –
    Highlander instrumental track? Where did you get it anyway? 🙂 If you have
    got any other Lost Horizon instrumental I am very interested in those.

  11. Hey ken can you please please do a how to sing like Chester Bennington he
    is one of my favorite singers and your are such a versatile and
    knowledgeable singer. I get depressed when I try to sing and it sounds bad
    but I just watch your videos and it inspires me again. Thanks for being so

  12. Bartłomiej Twardowski

    Cool channel, one can learn a lot from your videos here! Is there a chance
    you could make a vid about how to sing like M. Shadows from Avenged
    Sevenfold? His voice is impressive and I wonder how did he manage to
    achieve that

  13. Thanks again for your videos Ken. I was wondering if you have thought of
    setting an option for your course in your website where we could buy it and
    download it by parts or even classes. It is just an idea, I love the way
    you transmit your knowledge. Kudos!

  14. I’ve sung in front of a few people before using my low registered voice and
    in sound rather good, o often stick to the music that in sound like may
    that be Chris Young, Josh turner or Jason Michael Carroll..and me and those
    who have heard me sing think i pretty well..but there’s song I like that
    are in a higher register that i wanna be able to hit notes and be able to
    sound like a big fan of Jason Chen’s music and I love his songs
    and his sound…but how can I train my voice to go from deep country to
    higher R&B

  15. PartTimeVloggers

    Ken, have you noticed and this may sound stupid, but….Do people with
    short necks have a harder time singing than people with long necks? I would
    think the vocal chords would be longer on a person with a longer neck. I
    have a short neck that’s why I ask.

  16. Marko Stanković

    Ken, I am a big fan of your work I’ve been practicing every day and I have
    improved over time but since last week I have one problem.I could sing D5
    with my chest voice and since last week I can barely hit C5. I’m still
    practcicing but this never happened to me. Do I need to change something?

  17. christopher fischer

    I hope this helps ;( Need to practice for auditions for a talent show in
    just three days…

  18. Thank you for this series!
    I sing in my chest voice and I really struggle with reaching the head
    voice; I get really tense and it just comes out as a whiny, strained croak
    :’) My singing teacher recommended finding a male teacher on Youtube who
    could explain the male voice in a different way and you have really helped
    a lot.
    So, again, thank you!

  19. Hey Ken, I’ve been singing for quite a while as a guitar player first,
    singer second. I practiced quite a lot in my 20s, in my 40s now. The 2
    biggest problems I have is I’m always running out of breath. Never taken
    lessons so I know I’m probably doing something wrong. Also the high E note
    (the high open e on the guitar), when I sing with a E vowel it’s almost
    like I have a gap in my voice. It’s so undeveloped there. It’s strong lower
    and higher, but falls apart around D# and E. Do you have any advice on how
    to work on these areas?

  20. These karaoke songs aren’t just all time hits, but extraordinarily easy to sing even for many who are the best singers.

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