How to sing – Best vocal warmup for adding range and vocal power

– Add range and power with Sophie Shear’s “Complete Vocal Primer.”

39 thoughts on “How to sing – Best vocal warmup for adding range and vocal power”

  1. You have a lot of good things to say and I’m happy to know that you have a
    great set of warm-ups here. I absolutely agree on the importance of lip
    trills. However, as a voice and piano instructor specializing in vocal
    performance I find it very troubling when I hear about people trying the
    “vocal fry” technique. It is a very unhealthy vocal technique and should
    absolutely not be used. Vocal fry causes laryngeal trauma that can lead to
    nodules and loss of voice and/or papillomatosis – growths. Under no
    circumstances should one use this as a vocal warm-up or as a way to
    increase a lower vocal range. The reason that vocal fry can be present
    when one wakes up is due to acid reflex. Try angling your mattress higher
    near your head and see if that doesn’t help.

    I would hate to see you or anyone suffer from its effects as I have had to
    rehabilitate singers as a result. Best of luck to you :)

  2. Hillbilly Outlaw

    Hi Sophie Hillbilly {Rick} here. i started doing you vocal exersizes to get
    ready for a track im workin on , im shocked how much the warm ups changed
    everything, plus the warm ups, improved my country rap over 200 percent ,
    thanks so much i never would have thought that makin funny noises would
    have helped so much but they did , and i did , and im so happy thanks

  3. Sambista Nega do Samba

    I love your exercises and your confidence thank you for sharing. When you
    have some free time, can you please tell me what are the advantages for the
    singing sound or voice of doing the fry gagagaga vocalizes please? Oh cool
    I saw the end of the video and you are saying singers should rest in
    between of doing vocal training, yeah? I have asked this question to many
    voice teachers on youtube none of them have replied so your comment it is
    very helpful. Like I did 4 techniques yesterday Sunday each lesson lasting
    20 or 30 or 15 minutes the rest the teacher is explaining the vocalizes,
    placement, anatomy etc.. So should I rest a full day yeah?

  4. You are an excellent teacher, thank you for sharing your gifts!
    Why do you advise skipping a day in between warm-ups?
    Is it to prevent injury?
    Is it okay to sing everyday?
    Thank you so very much!

  5. Hi, thanks for the great video! However, no, vocal fry is not good for your
    voice. I have seen a video taken by a medical specialist of what it looks
    like to make that particular noise from inside a throat, and in the long
    run it causes damage. Also, from that logic, it should also be good to
    slouch since it’s something a body naturally does, but we all know it
    causes damage to our posture in the long run.

  6. hi sophie. i am from india i hav husky voice. my problrm is my range i cant
    sing more den b note. dis is very depressing for me. i am into indian
    classical hav tried many techniques but all in vein. kindlly help just saw
    ur lesson. if i touch d note wid sound aaaa wid open mouth,, i cnt sing
    with words. i wud like to learn from u. kindlly help😔

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