“How To” sing a song in 3 part harmony

Danielle Love creates a “how to” video for film foundations at Full Sail University.


15 thoughts on ““How To” sing a song in 3 part harmony”

  1. Good work but the kids in the back ground are distracting… Would be worth
    doing again without the background noise. 

  2. LOL! So how rehearsals go. But when it’s time to praise Him it’s on!! Too
    funny and absolutely a true depiction of choir rehearsal…children and all
    in the background. ROTFL but still blessed to know that others can be

  3. After wanting for several years to learn to singer I found Bens Singer Blog
    and this appears to be the simplest home study system (google it if you are

  4. Brianna Galloway

    You can attempt it immediately, and perceive how difficult this can be. This is the explanation why the art of singing freestyle raps is widely believed to be the toughest side of rapping.

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