How to sing “A Easy Way To How To Find Your Head Voice”..

– Are you a Beginner Singer and You don’t know how to find your head voice.. There is an easy way to find it. Here’s is an Effortless Easy Way to find your head voice. Enjoy!

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  1. much of what singing is, is proving to yourself that you can do what you
    feel you hear. either from a sound in memory or by imitation of a sound in
    your immediate environment. what isn’t expressed by teachers often is that
    you can succeed at reproducing any sound trying it in range of *volume*.
    like a sound or series of sounds (melody)? prove it “quietly” *at first*.
    then try singing the identical “pitch” a little louder and so on. it is
    here that you will realize your voice gave you some positive feedback but
    also that you may want to try taking lessons. one trick is to gently plug
    up one ear to send some vibrations back into your head. this is because
    inspiration my strike in a noisy environment as well as a quiet one. good
    luck and keep singing. :-)

  2. Thanks Tanesha…you put a discriptive dimession to head voice and I can
    now see the picture……….the part that did it was when you said ‘you
    can feel the voice’….thx…

  3. Hey my name is avyanna im 11years old and I love singing and I am a relly
    good singer I sing my self to sleep my bream is ro deca singer but bonr now
    how to start how on youtud or ???? Please can you help me and I have stag

  4. Hello my name is avyanna and im 11and I love singing I sing my self to
    sleep and mostly every hour when I go to music at school im the happyest
    one but the thing is im scard what if I mass up and I have stag fright

  5. HI Tanesha Walker my name is bre and i would like to know why when i sing
    i always shake when singing and my friends said that means i have a lot of
    soul but i dont think so i would like to know do you have tips on how i can
    stop shaking when singing and how to stay in pitch i would love you advice
    on this topic could you help me out hope to here from you soon thanks and
    god bless you 

  6. Hi Tanesha, I love sining, some people said I had a good voice, but I want
    to do better.
    I got a couple of covers on my channel, if you got a moment, please go
    check it out and give me some advice, I really love singing and wish to be
    a professional singer. I could really need some help. Thanks for you help,
    and this video really helps me out.

  7. i dont know if im good at singing, sometimes i feel like i can well , other
    times im like oh my i shouldnt even try. id really like some help if you
    would be willing? :)

  8. Free professional writing advise: “A Easy Way To How To Find Your Head
    Voice” should read “An Easy Way To Find Your Head Voice” otherwise your
    vid is awesome and SUPER helpful!! THANKS!

  9. I find that singing to myself I sound good and hit those high notes, but
    when it comes to recording myself, I SOUND TERRIBLE and even with a
    lisp!PLEASE HELP!!!!

  10. Dear Tinesha,
    how to say this … YOU ARE JUST AWESOME !!!! Thank you so
    much for this lessons and specially free ! It’s really difficult to find
    people giving or sharing what they have now a days. But looking at you and
    your teaching, I can say straight that you love teaching us what you have
    <3. Thanks again !

    From today, i'm going to start practicing my voice and techniques with your
    help ! I'll give you a feedback as soon as i get some results which i'm
    sure i will have some ! 😀

    Thank's Again !

    Tenzing From Paris.

  11. Chloe Harrison (Clover)

    Hello! I’ve been trying to learn to sing as high as Carrie Underwood. I
    love her music and I wish I could sing a certain song for our schools
    talent show. I’m in the show every year but I would like to be able to sing
    something a little bit more difficult and I may actually have a chance of
    winning. I haven’t won at all and I think it’s because I sing in a little
    bit of a lower range. Like Miranda Lambert. If you have some time, I have a
    video of me singing a Miranda Lambert song. It’s called Over You and I love
    the song. I sang it for my last talent show. And, I feel like every time I
    sing, I’m singing too loud. But a lot of people tell me how great I am. I
    just want to be better. Advice on that? What do you think about my voice?

  12. Gileemer Lazarito

    I Try TO hit High Notes But I can’t >_< .. MY Throat goes Cranks ...i want to be a tenor but iacant i can only use soprano alto and base.. can you help me to hit the high notes using head tone?? T.T when i dont also to imitate the sounds of an ambulance.. only air goes out to my mouth..

  13. Ms. Tanesha,

    Thank you, your tutorial here has just been great. You are totally right,
    you must feel the note first and that makes it easier to hit :)

  14. ok Im a girl and I have a kind of deep voice, not supergirlygirly if you
    know ..which means I can hit the deeper tones easier rite? does it also
    make my voice more unique or nah? hard to say maybe? my voice breaks kinda
    easy I feel, but maybe thats cuz Im not a pro I dunno

  15. hi I never took singing lessons but I do want to be a singer my friends
    support me but my perants don’t what should I do and we’re to learn (I love
    wrighting songs and singing )

  16. apparently your head voice is supposed to be higher than falsetto. I can
    sing a very short, shakey, quiet, and only if I’m lucky, C#5 in head voice.
    I can hit and hold a solid D6 in falsetto. I’m a guy, 14 years old.

  17. Sing Sharp’s What You See Is What You Sing technology detects and display your singing pitch accuracy in real-time, so that you can tune and train to improve your singing.

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