How to Release Throat Tension: The Solar Plexus Connection | Singing Lessons

Learn how to release throat tension and neck tension by releasing your solar plexus. Through several interactive exercises, you will learn: (1) what the solar plexus is, (2) how tension in the solar plexus affects tension in your throat/neck, and (3) how to release a locked solar plexus.

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40 thoughts on “How to Release Throat Tension: The Solar Plexus Connection | Singing Lessons”

  1. hi, i watch all your videos and really find them very informative and
    helpful in my singing. am i right to say i have to always focus on the
    solar plexus whenever i sing? sort of like i breathe from there too?

  2. i do have alot of tension and been trying to stay relax when singing.
    However, i cant find the right amount of balance between support and
    straining. i assume support is done naturally when i stay relaxed and sing
    at a consistent volume while i do some scales?

    my voice disappear when i sing higher though and this is either when i
    decide to flip into falsetto or try to strain for it and it will break
    somehow lol.

    just to clarify, so i dont have to personally contract or push out my
    stomach for support when i sing rite? the support will come when i sing
    relaxingly and consistent? thanks :)

  3. ic, sorry for not explaining in details. yea when i say relax, im referring
    to my neck area. i dont have recording device lol, i will try and see if i
    can get one. really thanks for all the help and advices you gave me :D

  4. Keyante Rashad

    Hi you’ve totally helped me see why I have not progessed as a singer, thank
    you. You know what the crazy thing is? Before this year I had no idea about
    proper singing. I never understood why I was having so much tension after
    singing in higher ranges (my favorite). As I’ve gotten older its became a
    problem, as far as singing the high ranges. I sing in church alot, I lead
    songs and I truly seek to nail this technique. So I reached out to my High
    school chorus teacher, and he had me practice the technique of getting
    pregnant before singing; Until know I see why I’ve had no luck. My aunt has
    also stressed her perspective of how to control, and use the diaphragm
    muscle; she explains how she breaths in properly as you demonstrate. But
    she speaks on like holding the muscle you go number 2 with; you know the
    Boo Boo muscle Is she wrong??

  5. I’m confused…. when i breath in my whole lower torso gets pretty rigid!
    so i wanted to know how relaxed the solar plexus should be and how to
    lessen the tension in there and put the tension more in the back and sides.
    thanks for the videos, very helpful for the most part! 

  6. I have a problem that I speak songs instead of singing them( seems like
    phrases of a song I sing do not “harmonize”. It’s hard to explain with
    words, but here’s a song I sang:

    Pleaaaaaaase tell me, what am I doing wrong??(( I’ve done a lot of
    exercises aand I don’t have problems singing on pitch(I think)

  7. My voice does not sound strained when my solar plexus is locked. It just
    sounds supported. Which is kind of puzzling…

  8. Hey, one more question… for a beginner singer could it be that I learned
    some bad techniques and now I finally use the right techniques my voice
    will sound worse with less control for now?
    I ask cause I was going pretty damn high with a connected tone the other
    day but noticed I was straining the muscle under my chin. Now I’m releasing
    it on all the exercices I do ,but I feel I lost 70% of my range, control,
    and quality.

    Could it be because I simply trained my bad technique to sound good? And
    cause I finally let go of tension I’ll have to rework everything? Sounds
    logical, but best ask.

    Thanks in advance man.

  9. Hey man just one word AWESOME!! this was what i was looking for.Though i
    have no singing plans,but i need to speak in front of my class thats when i
    develop tension in my throat.Also i suffer from cough a lot that that
    worsens my throat condition.That bad that even uttering words becomes
    Thanks again!!

  10. You teach so well.. one of the best vocal teacher out on youtube… You
    deserve more recognition 🙂 Thanks for always uploading

  11. Daniel Plainview

    I can’t thank you enough for a video. It helped rectify a lot of problems I
    was having with tension.

  12. I had to pay for lessons to learn this simple technique for my breathing.
    No matter how much I practiced it it never stuck until my coach taught me
    this exact way… You are AWESOME. Thank you.

  13. Marnell Sample

    +Tamyra Trene Hey, glad to hear the tips helped you out! Sometimes it just
    takes getting the right explanation for something to stick for you.

  14. Hi there! What if my voice does not sound as powerful as before and cant
    reach very high? And I am using the technique you mentioned in the correct
    chest voice video…Am i doing that wrong?

  15. +marnell sample
    Even normally I feel this tightness in throat and my voice comes from my
    throat not my chest
    I lost my voice a few days ago and during that time I had to force myself
    to speak from my chest and thats when I realized I had a more deeper and
    fuller, more powerful voice. after I got my voice back I was able to retain
    this until about 3 days, when I was talking in my new deeper, relaxed voice
    when suddenly my voice habits went back to normal. I tried massaging my
    throat, breathing from diaphragm, drinking water but nothing works. I feel
    this constant tightness in throat and I cannot get my voice low. How can I
    train my throat to always be relaxed so I don’t strain from my voice when I
    speak? Please help

  16. i noticed i was feeling kind of tight in the abdomen area and solar plexus
    so somethin was amiss. i should feel around my throat for tension to show
    myself this aint good u goofy fool. no wonder im an average singer. i sit
    down and play the guitar a lot. i think im holding in air and creating
    tension probably instead of just exhaling normally and singing.

  17. So this really explain why, if you don’t have a song memorized well… you
    tend to push too much and strain your throat? You really have to memorize
    exactly when, and where in a song to breath… so that your not straining
    your voice!

  18. Bro I myself sing and i apply alot of energy/pressure to my voice so is
    that dangerous or harmful for my voice or something help me I’m worried

  19. marnell sample .. I have a questions. Does it matter if you have a big
    belly to still try this tension while singing ? Because I put my finger in
    between my belly and I can’t really feel the air way like you explain with
    the balloon

  20. I used to put 15 lb weights on my solar plexus, while lying on my back. As
    my stomach lowered the weights I would speak and speak until I couldn’t
    anymore, then I would raise them again using my solar plexus and redo. I
    swear this helped my speaking/singing voice immediately after.

  21. Bruno Pires Mucheroni

    Marnel, it is so good information, thank you very mutch sir.
    I just have one question, i can control this, ok…but now my down belly
    like my pelvis, sometimes get inside and tension like a rock…its like,
    “ok my solar plexus is relaxed and full of air, but now, my voice power
    need to come from somewhere”, what i do about that? Thank you again.

  22. Kayhla rocks

    i can relate so much to this i always used to wonder why breath support
    makes me feel tense in my throat and when i finally found someone talking
    about you i’m very happy that it’s not just something wrong with me , but i
    still don’t get how i can avoid this like i know how it feels i can feel it
    but how can i support my voice and not have my throat felling sore and
    tense afterwards ?

  23. Thank you that was one of my problems indeed, and I haven’t heard of this
    tip in any video. Good for me who tend to try too hard..

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